WWP: The Aussie English Supporter Pack & Other Tidbits

Learn Australian English in this episode of Walking With Pete where I chat to you about the new the Aussie English Supporter Pack and other tidbits.

WWP: The Aussie English Supporter Pack & Other Tidbits

G’day guys. How’s it going? Welcome to the very first video of Walking With Pete with the new Osmo.

So, I’ve bought this setup where I have my phone on a gimbal that stabilises the shot as I move around. So, instead of me holding the phone in my bare hand it stabilises it for me. I’m holding it on a little machine. And yeah, it’s not as jerky, it’s not as shaky as when I’m holding it with my bare hand.


I thought I would come out today. It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the park, (it’s) nice and sunny, and I thought I would have a play with this new Osmo and see how we go. And also, see… yeah, I’m just playing around with the joystick here getting a feel for it. To get a feel for it means to get a sort of sense for how it works. So, I’m feeling around trying to feel how to use it best, how it functions, how it works. To get a feel for it.

So, I’ve got a few things to announce today.

Obviously, a lot of you will already know that I have just released the Aussie English Supporter Pack online. So, you now have the ability to sign up for transcripts for every single episode that are going to be premium transcripts.

So, they’re going to be very high quality transcripts where I highlight everything in the text that I’m talking about. I give you extra exercises. I give you a vocabulary list that you can fill out.

So, you can search the transcripts for definitions of the words that I’ve mentioned, and if you can’t find them you can then look online. And I’ve linked to dictionaries and other things that will help you in each of these transcripts. And then, you’ve also go boxes to fill out in these vocab lists of synonyms.

So, again, you can look through the transcript to find where I have said multiple words that mean the same thing, especially of the word that is the subject of that little section, whichever word that you’re specifically looking at.

So, I’ve set that up. There’s extra exercises to practice and focus on the specific aspects of that episode. So, for instance, if we’re practicing an expression I’ll put in different forms of that same expression and give you exercises for substituting in and out that specific expression that we’re practicing. And it just… it’s just a better way of learning. So, you’re going to be able to associate that expression that’s in the episode with a number of other expressions.

(I’m) just walking past the tramlines here.

So, with a number of other expressions. And yeah, I think that it’s just a lot better like that.

If you’re wanting to learn a language it’s always really good to associate multiple different ways of saying the same thing when you’re trying to learn it and get a feel for how these expressions are used, what they mean, and different ways of saying the same thing. It adds colour to your language whether you’re learning English or any other language whatever it may be.

So, there’s that. I’ve also go then in these transcripts I’ve got tips for what you can do to get even more out of these transcripts.

So, for instance, I really like using the program Anki, and there’s also programs like Quizlet and Memrise, and all sorts of other language learning websites like Lang-8 and Speaky, a whole bunch of things online, and I give you tips and advice as to how you can take the vocab and the other things that you’ve learnt in that episode and then go online and continue to practice the specific bits of vocab, synonyms, definitions, all of the stuff you’ve got out of that lesson you can go further and continue learning it online and elsewhere.

So, I’ve tried to add that in as well.

And if you guys have any other suggestions or ideas for how to add even more value to the subscription pack, the Aussie English Subscription (Supporter*) Pack, and what else I could add to these transcripts, please feel free to let me know.

So, send me a message, send me a comment on Facebook, email me, and tell me what else could I do to add even more value to the subscription, or sorry, the Supporter Pack, for you guys, because that’s the aim of the game at the end of the day. The aim of the game. So, my aim, the aim of the game, is to serve you guys as best as I can and help you learn English in a fun novel way.

So, that’s it. That’s the Aussie English Supporter Pack. And at the moment it’s incredibly cheap. It’s only $9.99 Australian per month. So, I think it’s, you know, probably like $7 American give or take, maybe even less when you do the conversion between the two different currencies.

So, it’s incredibly affordable, and I mean if you’re going to be using these transcripts incredibly heavily and practicing really hard, and really working your English, I think you’re going to get a ton of value out of these transcripts because you should be getting at least two or three a week, two or three a week. So, out of a month that’s obviously maybe 8-12 episodes. And I’m hopefully going to keep building on it and adding more.

But yeah, if you definitely want to sign up definitely do it now while it’s cheap and affordable, and it’s only $9.99 a month, because I am going to increase the price in the future as I build on it and increase the value. But, if you sign up now you’ll continue to pay the price that you signed up paying. So, if you want it in the future and it doubles in price and you sign up now it’ll only be $9.99 as opposed to $19.98.

Anyway, that’s probably enough about the Supporter Pack.

Aside from that, I guess also I wanted to mention that I have the voicemail set up on the website where you guys can actually sign up, well not sign up, but sign on, click that little button at the side. You just have to click it. It opens up a little box, and you can leave me a voicemail.

So, you can ask me a question. You can say hello. You can ask me anything regarding Australia, regarding grammar, regarding the English language, “what do these words mean?”, “how do I use this phrase?”. Anything you want you can ask.

So, yeah, I’m trying to encourage people to use that more because I want to feature anyone who leaves me a message on a podcast episode that will be trying to answer that question.

So, if you leave me a message and I make an episode about it I’m going to play your message at the start to introduce the episode, and then I’m going to tackle the question that you have asked and want clarified or just want an episode made about.

So, it’s a really good way for you guys to practice your English. You can record it multiple times if you’re having a little bit of trouble with pronunciation or getting the flow right. You don’t have to send the first one you record.

It gets emailed to me as a little MP3 file. I download it. And then, I can use it in the different podcast episodes that I create. So, it’s something that I’m trying to encourage people to do.

And I’ve decided that if you do this in the near future and I use your question or whatever it is that you’ve sent me in the message, if I theme a podcast episode around your question and feature you you’ll automatically get a month’s free subscription to the Supporter Pack, to the Aussie English Supporter Pack. Because I want to give back to you guys. I want to give you the opportunity to try these things for free if I can, and reward you for engaging in the Aussie English community.

So, yeah, if you go onto the website, www.theaussieenglishpodcast.com there’s a little purple rectangular button on the right side of the screen that says “Leave me a voicemail”. You click that, and it’ll take you somewhere that you can record by clicking from your phone or form your computer a short voicemail. So, a short message, a short-spoken message.

One thing I might add there is that I was chatting to Dong today and I got him to leave me one because he had a question that he sent me on Aussie English the Facebook page. So, hey Dong. Thanks for the question again.

And Aly as well. Thanks Aly for leaving me one yesterday too.

He, Dong, was having an issue with trying to do it on his phone, and it turns out you’ve got to download an app for… I can’t even remember the name of the site that I’ve used (SpeakPipe), but there’s an app that you might have to download if you’re doing this via a phone.

So, just bear that in mind. It’s pretty simple though. It shouldn’t be too hard to organise and sort out. It should be pretty easy.

But yeah, if you leave me a voice message, ask me anything you like. If I do an episode on it I’ll send you an email and I’ll send you a coupon that will give you 100% off (the) Aussie English Supporter Pack subscription for the first month. So, you guys you can… if I send it to you you can go on, you can check it out, you can see if you like it, you can give me feedback, download everything, and then after the month’s up you can just unsubscribe. It won’t cost you anything, or you can elect, you can choose, you can decide to subscribe for the $9.99/month if it’s worth your time, if it’s seen by you as valuable, if you like it.

So, it’s just something to think about and the way for me to give back to you guys, because I want to keep trying to build this community and keep giving back to you guys.

So, yeah, I guess that’s really it recently.

I’ve tried to invest in this Osmo stabilising camera. So, I’m hoping that that really improves the quality of these videos, especially removing the jerkiness, the shakiness, of the videos that I was sort of suffering from when trying to hold it with my hand and walk around.

Aside from that, I’ve released the Aussie English Supporter Pack. So, please go and check it out. I will also leave a link where for where you guys can see a free example PDF.

So, if you want to check it out there is an expression episode I think it was “To take the bait”, which I recently put up on the podcast, and I’ve put that out as the Aussie English Supporter Pack format.

So, it’s 100% free. You can download the PDF. You can do the exercises. You can see everything that I’m talking about with regards to the Aussie English Supporter Pack and what I’m trying to offer with it. And if you like it feel free to sign up.

If you don’t like it definitely send me an email and tell me why, because I want to improve it as best I can for you guys. And if you have any kind of constructive feedback in general with regards to it definitely let me know, because, yeah, ultimately I just want to improve the value, improve the quality of these services and keep doing Aussie English as much as possible.

Aside from that, there’s also obviously what I went over, the subscription… what am I talking about? Leaving a voicemail. Having your question featured on an episode and then getting a month’s free subscription to the Aussie English Supporters Pack.

So, definitely think about leaving me a message. I would love to do episodes that you guys ask about and specifically want directed at, you know, the questions that are on your mind, the things that you’re worried about, the things that you’re having issues with.

So, that’s one more thing to remember. Leave me a voicemail with your questions and I’ll do an episode as soon as I can on whatever it is that you ask.

And aside from that, before we go I guess I just wanted to ask you guys which episodes you’re enjoying the most. I’ve been really focused on trying to get all of this stuff ready recently with the Aussie English Supporter Pack.

So, I’ve been doing, I think over Christmas I did a lot of Walking With Pete episodes, and more recently I’ve been doing a bunch of the Expression episodes and releasing those on a weekly basis. I’m trying to release an episode each Wednesday and each Saturday. And, I would love to know which ones you guys like the most.

Do you like the Walking With Pete ones like this where I talk to you like a native? I just chat away about whatever’s on my mind. And from time to time I talk about issues that I’m having, ways to get around those issues, you know, self-help, self-improvement, all kinds of things like that.

Do you like those episodes where it’s more conversation based, and you get to hear me just talking, me talking and just using English in a native way?

Or do you like the Expression episodes?

Would you like more of those where I cover specific Aussie English expressions, and more generally, English expressions that you can use to sound like a native in English?

Do you like those episodes?

Do you like the Pronunciation episodes where I go over, at the moment, the different contractions? Today, I published one contracting all of the, well contracting “Would” onto all the different demonstrative pronouns, “this”, “that”, “these” and “those”. So, I’m trying to do some more of those for you guys.

Or do you like the Like A Native episodes where I try and use small, not really expressions, but small collocations or conjunctions, things in English that we say or we may use that are not particularly idioms, but are used by natives all the time when just speaking?

So, yeah, give me some feedback. Tell me what you think about all those different episodes, because again, I’m worried about investing as much of my time as possible in the stuff that you guys want in the Aussie English community.

I would much rather create content that you guys are going to love and really use and get the most out of than what I think is best without asking you.

Anyway. This episode’s gone pretty long.

There’s a few things to think about. Go back over it. Let me know what you guys think, and I’ll see you next time on Aussie English.

All the best guys!

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