Aussie English Supporter Pack Update Feb 2017

Learn Australian English in this update episode of Aussie English where I tell you all about the Aussie English Supporter Pack and how it works.

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Aussie English Supporter Pack Update Feb 2017

G’day guys.

How’s it going?

Hope you’re all going well.

I wanted to make a quick video to just give you guys, I guess, a bit of an update with regards to the Aussie English Supporter Pack.

So, I’ve been tinkering away with that for the last few weeks, as I’m sure many of you will know.

I’ve been working on trying to add as much value as I could week in, week out. Just keep thinking of different ways of doing things and taking what does and doing more of it, taking what doesn’t work and obviously doing less of it or completely removing it.

So, at the moment, I guess, we’ve gotten to the point where I’ve been releasing two or so episodes a week to try and sort of build up the number of lessons that you have when you sign up, and I think now we have about… probably about 12-14 different episodes that have the premium transcripts with them.

And, I’ve been getting a lot of good feedback from everyone.

I’ve just started a new homepage.

I’ve put together a new homepage for the website with a bunch of testimonials from people who have signed up and have been enjoying Aussie English.

So, I guess I want to say thank you to you guys.

Thank you to Estefania, Thibault, thank you to Juan, Lerin, Ruchi and Juliana.

You’ve all given me testimonials and I really really appreciate it.

I’ve also put together after maybe the first two or three weeks (I) decided to put together a private Facebook group for people who have signed up to the Aussie English Supporter Pack.

Where they have more access to me, and where I can sort of drive activities to allow everyone who’s signed up to get engaged, practice specific parts of English they’re having trouble with, and raise them up.

And three of the things I was thinking about recently, if I can remember, were 1. just having a day where we talk about one another’s struggles in English, and what we can do to overcome them.

And then, 2. having an article or a video on another day that I released and put together and we all talk about the language that’s used in it.

We express our opinions of the thing.

Did we like it? Did we not like it?

What was difficult?

What was easy?

And there was a third one as well, but I’ve forgotten that off the top of my head.

But, I’m just constantly iterating.

I’m constantly at the moment trying to come up with ideas of how to add more and more value to the Aussie English Supporter Pack, and principally just help you guys improve your English as much as possible and as quickly as possible, and in a way that is as fun and enjoyable as possible.

So, saying that, in saying that, I’m going to increase the price of the Aussie English Supporter Pack on the 1st of March.

I’ve just decided that now.

So, at the end of this month it should be maybe almost two months since the Aussie English Supporter Pack has been out, and not only is there at least a base level of episodes that you get access to straightaway when you sign up, but there’s also going to be a more advanced setup Aussie English private members group with activities now running every week, multiple days a week to try and give you guys a reason to practice your English in a fun environment and a more engaging environment than say doing it on your own.

So, as I add value obviously it’s taking up a little bit more of my time and I want to increase the price incrementally, not, you know, crazily, but to sort of reflect the added value that’s going into this.

So, the main reason for me putting this together was to announce to you what I’d been up to, what’s in the Aussie English Supporter Pack, and give you a chance to sign up for it now for the price that it currently is at, because I’m going to double it.

It’s at $9.99 Australian at the moment and I’m going to put it up to $19.99 on the first of March.

So, if you sign up for that before the 1st of March it’s only going to be $9.99 for the first month, and then it’s going to go up for every month after that.

But if you wait until after March then the first month is going to be $19.99, at least for the moment.

I have been thinking about what I can do with trials. Let me know what you guys think, ’cause that does matter to me.

So, if you guys think that paying the full fee straight up is a bit unfair, unrealistic, you’re allowed to let me know and I’ll take that onboard and I’ll think about things, because ultimately my goal is to serve you guys and to help you guys, but also to make money to allow myself to live, and to focus more on doing this.

If I can support myself I can do more of this, and 1. generate better material that’s paid for, but also create more free content for those who aren’t necessarily in a position to pay for the paid content. This is just a train of thought.

So, I’ve shifting from topic to topic, but one more thing to add, I guess, is what I have been including in all of the premium transcripts.

So, the way it currently is, and I might angle the camera so that I can include… oh, you’re going to get a look of my closet there.

So, that I can include on this side here one of the transcripts and show you, I’ll run you through it.

But, so, first and foremost I have all of the vocab that I think is potentially a little bit more difficult than the majority of the words used in each transcript highlighted. I also highlight all of the slang that I use.

So, if I use any Australian slang terms specifically I’ll highlight those and define them, or if I use any just broad English slang I highlight and define those as well.

And then, when we get into the exercise section there’s a table with all of the words that I have used in the text with a definition column and a synonym column, and this is for you to fill out.

I’m not going to always give you the answer.

Sometimes there’s videos where I have defined them and you can look up the answers with those.

But, I want you if you’re using this to go through the transcript and to look for these words and try and define them yourself.

How am I using them?

I want you to think about it.

I want you to see, am I using synonyms next to it, because quite often I repeat what I’ve said but in a different way.

So, that I say the same thing twice or even three times and give you guys access to more vocabulary, and try and help you improve your listening comprehension by doing that.

So, that’s the aim with the vocabulary table.

After that, I also have a listening comprehension list, or at least in the most recent episodes I’ve put together as many questions as I can think of when I listen back to these episodes for you to answer, for you to think about, for you to listen, “What is he talking about? Did he define this? What does this mean?” and practice your listening comprehension if that is more what you’re into.

If you really really enjoy listening comprehension tasks that’s why that’s there.

After that, in the third or fourth section of the exercises at the moment I have a written substitution exercise where I pick different aspects of what’s used in each episode.

So, I might use phrasal verbs in one.

I might pick other random words or short idioms and expressions, and teach you those by using substitution exercises.

And I think this is good because it allows you to see different ways of saying the same thing.

And so, you associate these things together, and you expand your vocabulary when speaking English, and you actively practice it.

And not only are these written substitution exercises, but I’m also now creating aural, aural as in listening, or oral as in speaking, exercises as well where you get an MP3 of me saying all of these same sentences.

So, you can practice aurally where you just listen and then try and substitute in the answer whether you write it or you think it.

And you can practice orally where you listen and just say it.

So, you can use this whether you’re at home, whether you’re studying at a desk, or if you’re on the move, if you’re walking, if you’re in public transport, if you’re driving, you can listen to these MP3s and practice these specific things.

So, that’s where things are currently at.

I have all of those exercises in the main episodes that come out on a Wednesday and a Saturday, and I try and do this for each one of those.

And then, we also have the Aussie English Supporter Pack group where every one of the members that signs up has access to this group and can interact with me, can interact with all the other members, can post what they want to post that they’re interested in, we can have discussions, and I’m slowly building this up with activities now.

Probably, two or three a week where we really work together to get past your individual struggles as well as talk about things that you’re interested in.

So, that’s going to be your chance to bring something to the table, as we say, to bring a topic, to bring a story, to bring a subject and we can break it down.

We can talk about it.

I can teach you the language being used, the pronunciation of things being used in that video or document if you share it.

And so, yeah, that’s where things currently stand, that’s where things currently are with the Aussie English Supporter’s Pack.

If you guys want to sign up now within the next two weeks, or a bit less than two weeks, it’s only going to be $9.99/month for the first month, and then it’s going to be $19.99 after that for now, because I’ve added all of this extra content now.

I want to say a special thank you to all of these guys who signed up when I first started this and started from scratch.

I didn’t have anything set up.

I really appreciate that you guys believed in me and that you guys supported me, and allow me to sort of tinker with these things and see how they went.

So, thank you so much guys for supporting Aussie English, for being a part of the community, and just your on-going support in general as friends.

And the one last thing that I wanted to say was if you guys think a trial period would be better where you pay say $1 for a week or $1 for the first month, then let me know.

I will take it onboard and think about implementing it.

I’m not a business genius or anything like that.

Ultimately, I want to give you guys the ability to test these things and see if it works for you.

So, let me know what you think.

Anyway, guys, that’s long enough.

Thank you so much as usual, and I will see you in the next episode.

Peace out!

Episode Downloads:

Premium PDF Transcript

Episode MP3

Substitution Exercise MP3

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