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I know exactly what it's like...

I’ve spent many years learning languages like Portuguese and French, and battled with mastering their pronunciation. For me, it was never enough to just get by speaking the language.

I wanted to sound as close to native as possible so that I could communicate clearly, sound natural, and more importantly, feel like I fit in!

In 2018, I ended up marrying a Brazilian, who speaks Portuguese with a very unique accent, Maranhense.

And wow, do they use a lot of spoken reductions, contractions, and other crazy pronunciation changes when they speak.

It was taking me ages to get used to my wife’s accent until I realised I had to focus on learning the most common spoken contractions she was using so I could:

1. Understand her and other Brazilian speakers more clearly, and

2. Sound more like a native speaker when I spoke Portuguese.

I know many of my students just like you wish to achieve the same thing but with the Australian accent.

That’s why I created this course!

I’ve used everything I learnt whilst trying to master my Portuguese accent to create the resources inside this course that will help you develop your own Aussie accent as quickly and easily as possible!



The Spoken English Course includes:

28 x Video Lessons

Each lesson is delivered in the form of a bite-sized video that’s easy to watch and repeat.

International Phonetic Alphabet

Each lesson includes the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to help you see how pronunciation changes.

Spoken Exercises

Each video lesson includes numerous listen & repeat spoken exercises for you to master your English pronunciation.

Real Examples

Lessons include numerous example sentences to help you understand use through context.

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G'day, mate! I'm your teacher Pete!

Pete is the host and creator of Aussie English.

He created Aussie English in 2015 after meeting recently arrived immigrants to Australia who were having trouble with the accent, slang, culture, and history that is unique to Australia.

He speaks Australian English, and has been learning French and Portuguese both in classes and online for 15+ years.

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