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I’m Pete the Creator of Aussie English!

My goal here is simple: to help you rapidly improve your English whilst learning about Australian history, culture, current affairs, and more!

Are you having trouble understanding Australians when they speak English?

Do you wish you could use and understand Aussie slang, expressions, and vocab?

Are you an intermediate-advanced English student wanting to take your English to the next level? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Now my question is: do you want to level up your Aussie English?

Let's Test Your English

Do you have trouble understanding Australian English?

Since 2015, Aussie English has helped 1000s of English students just like you to rapidly improve their Australian English skills.

Let’s test your Australian English and let me help you start sounding like a fair dinkum Aussie as of today!

The Aussie English Podcast

Fancy speaking like a true Aussie?

G'day mate!

Learn advanced English anywhere, anytime with the Aussie English Podcast.

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  • Immerse yourself in real Aussie conversations and pick up the lingo.

  • Get the hang of our unique slang, expressions, and that classic Aussie accent.

  • Learn about Aussie culture and history for a well-rounded understanding.

  • Improve your pronunciation and fluency with every episode.

Sweet Deal ALERT!

Tune in each Sunday for your chance to nab a $100 discount on the best-selling Australian Pronunciation Course.

Perfect for mastering that Aussie twang!

Find us on Spotify and Apple Podcasts – just search for ‘Aussie English’.

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Aussie English Courses

Improve your English more quickly with the Aussie English Courses.

Their purpose is simple: to help you learn to understand and speak English in a fun and engaging way.

Learn anywhere, anytime and at your own speed with each Aussie English course.

Effortless Phrasal Verb

Unlock 1000s of phrasal verbs by learning the key concepts behind them.

  • 16 x Audio Lessons
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Real English Discussion

Rapidly improve your English listening comprehension with real English discussions.

  • 14 x Audio Lessons
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Australian English Pronunciation

Master Australian English pronunciation and communicate clearly, effectively and with confidence.

  • 32 x Lessons
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Spoken English

Improve your spoken English by learning the most common contractions native speakers use in everyday conversations.

  • 39 x Audio Lessons
  • 39 x Video lessons
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