AE 438 – Vlog: He Destroyed My Phone – Part 2

Learn Australian English in this vlog episode of the Aussie English Podcast where I go for a walk with my furry mate Leo (he destroyed my phone) and grab a cup of coffee whilst showing you a bit of Australia!

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AE 438 – Vlog: He Destroyed My Phone – Part 2

G’day, guys! Welcome to this episode of Aussie English. I am your host Pete and I am here to help you level up your Australian English or just English in general.

So, this is part two of a two-part series, guys. If you haven’t seen the first part, click the card above should be there, or there, or there.

So, in today’s episode, I am heading to get coffee. I’m taking my mate Leo for a bit of a walk. Seeing what we find along the way and teaching you guys English as well as showing you Australia whilst I do so.

So, sit back relax grab a cuppa and let’s enjoy this episode of watching me get a cuppa… cup of coffee. Let’s go.

Your body and your mind. One, two, three. Bounce.

Calm your farm, mate. This guy wants coffee nearly as badly as I do. Canberra bus stop, guys, cutest bus stops in Australia, and that’s a cockatoo.

We’re getting closer, guys. Coffee! Oh, man, this is so awesome, guys. This is so awesome. I have never seen this in Australia before.

So, I’ve seen signs with kangaroos, with koalas, with wombats, with deer, with camels, all sorts of signs, but I have never seen one with ducks on it.

That is amazing. And it’s because there is a big, big, big pond behind us over here where I imagine there are a lot of ducks with ducklings crossing the road here. That’s crazy.

Mohawk pigeon. Check out his little mohawk! He’s so epic. Well, on second thoughts the jumper was definitely overkill.

It is very warm now that we’ve been walking around for about half an hour filming and coming to this beautiful little…I guess, dam, lake? It’s tiny. It can’t be a lake. But look at that, guys. It’s lovely.

Well, apparently, we can’t swim, but I guess you’re right. Look at that! So, unfair.

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That was a Sulphur-crested cockatoo, guys, and yes, it does sound like it’s dying when its making its call. Let’s have another listen, but this time I’ll slow it down.

It sounds like what I would imagine T-Rex to sound like. Dr. Grant? Oh, man! Jurassic Park was such a bad-arse film.

Spiders! Let’s see if I can line this up for you, guys. These are spiders that… they grab at like a leaf out of a tree or off the ground and then they string it up in their web, they wrap it up, sew it together, and then they sit in it as if they’re not there whilst in their web. So, it’s like camouflage. Pretty cool. And then as soon as any unsuspecting insect falls into the web, bam!, they pounce.

Finally, coffee time! You pumped? You excited? How’s it going, dude? Can I please just grab a large… Cap? …Cappuccino. Yeah, that’s it. Sugar? Nah, all good. Thanks though. $4. No worries, mate. Just on card thanks. Cheers. So, missed the busy part, huh? Yes, although, we were really busy yesterday, not so busy today. Yeah. Does this guy need to wait outside? Nah, he’s alright. Hello puppy. Have you just had a haircut? He’s a bit of a pest. Alright, you’ve got to not poo inside or we get chucked out.

Leo! Leo! Are you excited for coffee, mate? That’s us, Leo. Where is it? Where is it? That’s us! Leo! Leo! That’s us right here, mate!

I found something pretty cool that I want to show you guys. Can you see it? It’s a black swan. So, in Australia we don’t have white swans as people in America or… I think, Canada, or is it just Europe? But normally white swans are European thing.

And here… Oh! Damn dog! Here we have black swans, beautiful black swans, and this guy definitely wants to go and say hello.

So, I reckon these guys are usually fed here, ’cause they do not seem to be that afraid of me. Let’s check out this behemoth. This huge swan. Look at him. Hello. See how close we can get without him raging up or running away. What a beautiful, beautiful little guy. Not phased. Doesn’t care. Let’s see if we can sneak a little bit closer. Wow! Oh, and you’ve got a friend. Amazing. Hello!

Oh my God. This is incredible, guys. I’m right at the water’s edge and I would imagine that these guys are being fed here, although, this guy’s feeding himself. But this one, look at this! I could literally reach out and touch him. Absolutely beautiful.

And these ducks as well. He’s thinking, “There’s no food here!”. Back up. Back up. Any food?

Could you make some more noise, mate? Could you make some more noise? What are you doing? What’s your issue? Jesus! Separation anxiety or something, huh? I was like five metres away. Calm your farm, mate. Calm your farm.

So, this has been my birthday, chilling out with these guys in the background, and this pest.

Tough guy. Very tough. Look at you! You should just hide behind this rock mate. They are not afraid of you. So, tough.

Right, so, obviously the jumper was a bad idea, and I have to tie it around my neck. So, that I can free my hands up and walk the dog, not drop the screen or the camera for another time. But I thought of an expression to teach you guys and it makes sense right now.

So, we were walking pretty close to the road here and I don’t trust this little guy. He’s a bit… He just runs everywhere without thinking.

So, I’ve kept him on a short leash, right? So, as opposed to ‘a long leash’, the leash is very short. This’s an expression that you can use in English when a… I guess, someone in charge of someone else keeps a close eye on them or keeps them under control, they keep the person on a short leash. Okay?

So, it could be literal if you have a leash on… Well, probably not a person. That’d be weird. It could be literal using it on the dog, but it could also be figurative where you’re controlling someone, keeping an eye on them, you’re keeping them under control, you’re keeping them on a short leash.

I have to show you this trick. This is how I get him in, okay? So, I put this on unlock, and then I… Got you now, mate! And I’ll let you go.

So, I’ve a feeling that all the streets around here are named after things or lines in Banjo Patterson’s, Waltzing Matilda. Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong. Once a jolly swagman camped by a billabong.

So, if you haven’t got poem out or that song out, definitely check it out. The best part about walking the dog is not the actual walk. It’s the result of the walk.

Alright, guys. Thanks for watching. I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you learned a heap of new vocab. And yeah, it’s a shame about the camera screen, but sometimes shit happens and you’ve got to crack a few eggs if you want to make an omelet.

Anyway, don’t forget to hit that ‘Subscribe’ button, guys. Make sure that you smash that bell icon as well so that you stay up to date with all the future videos coming out, and make sure that you comment below and let me know, when’s your birthday? What month?

That’s all from me today, guys. I hope you have a splendid day and I’ll tell you soon. See ya!

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