AE 435 – Vlog: He Destroyed My Phone!

Learn Australian English in this vlog episode of The Aussie English Podcast where I head to the shops to get coffee with my dog mate Leo and show you how he destroyed my phone!

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AE 435 – Vlog: He Destroyed My Phone!

G’day, guys, and welcome to this episode of Aussie English. I am Pete your host and this is another vlog episode where you will get to learn a bit of English.

So, in today’s episode, guys, I take this little guy, Leo, for a bit of a walk, and I go and grab some coffee, and I will also show you how Leo ended up smashing my iPhone screen. You naughty little boy.

It is my birthday today, so let me know, have you got a birthday in April as well? Comment below. And don’t forget to hit that Subscribe button, guys, and the bell notification if you want to stay up to date with every video that I release. Please do it. Please! Thanks, mate. Anyway, without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Alright, guys, morning! Today, I thought I would take the dog for a walk. This is Leo who I live with. Thought I would take him for a walk to the shops as I go and get some coffee. But he had been a naughty little boy, today and last night. Okay?

So, I’ve locked him outside. So, who’s the cheeky little boy who woke us up last night at 3 AM and puked on the floor in our bedroom. Yes, yes, that was you! You naughty, naughty boy.

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Time to let the prisoner back inside. Come on you pest. What are you doing? What are you doing? You getting into trouble? Have you been naughty. You look a little shameful.

Come here! What is this? What is this? What is this? He was your mate. What is this? You’ve torn him up. Hey? There’s guts everywhere on the ground here. You bit into his arse. Look at this! What is this? You bit his butt and you’ve opened it up, and now you’re just pulling the stuffing out. No shame! No shame!

Alright so, going for a walk. Trying to find a reason each day to get out of the house and be active. Try and do my 10,000 steps. I’ve decided to take this little guy for a walk and I’m just hoping that he doesn’t poop on the way.

So, I have this little bag. In Australia, it is very poor form, very bad form, to let your dog poo when you walking him and leave the poo on the ground.

So, you tend to have some kind of bag like this, usually, that you can buy at Safeway or Coles or Woolworths… Mate, 50 meters! 50 meters from the house! And then it’s like nothing happened. Like nothing happened. I can’t believe this shit! God damn it! God damn it! The shame! Where am I going to put this, mate? We just left the house. I’m going to have to go back and put it in the trash. I don’t want to carry it with me all the way to the cafe. Far out! Can’t believe this.

Alright, so hand in the bag, and then… That’s so unpleasant. That is so unpleasant. So, doing the right thing. Now we’re going back. Now we’re going back. I’ve got to find bin. I do not want to carry this with me all the way to the cafe and back. It’s always my luck, always my luck.

Come on! come on, you little rascal. He obviously feels a lot lighter now that he’s dropped off the package for the day. Come on! Stop sniffing around. Let’s go! Get to the bin.

Man, guys, get a load of these curtains. Are they pretty or what? Look at these are lace curtains and every window in this house. Beautiful. Good, good, not a poo. Alright, we’re okay with that.

You’ve got to check out… there’s probably about five or six people over here at the bus stop all being social. Every single one of them has headphones and their phone out like this, just staring at it. What have we become, guys? We’re animals. I guess, I can’t really talk. I’m walking up the street, but at least I’m talking to the phone, right? I’m talking. I’m being social.

What is this? Jesus! This must be like the biggest bread pin, or whatever this is, that I’ve ever seen. It’s huge. Look at that, mate. That’s like the same size as your head.

Alright, the tracksuit may not have been the best idea now that I’m walking and starting to warm up. It’s getting pretty hot. Something interesting that I noticed once coming to Canberra, guys, is these rock gardens on the nature strip, or on the front of houses. I’ve never seen them as, I guess, prominently used everywhere until I came here where the front of people’s houses seem to have these rock gardens everywhere.

I’m assuming it’s because it’s so dry around here and we’re so drought-prone that it’s a lot more of a pain in the butt to be… kind to take care of a lawn.

What was I saying? Because I think it’s too much of a pain to be trying to take care of a lawn, because the lawn ends up looking like this when it’s dry. Look at all that grass, guys. Beautiful grass. Pretty high. Lush, beautiful, green. This is grass lawns in Australia right here.

More rock gardens. Aren’t they beautiful, guys. Look at those stones. Lush! So, you could just spied this Australia’s best letterbox… and the dog decided to pull on the lead at that exact moment and I have shattered my phone screen. Good job, Pete. Well done! That’s a first for me. That’s a first. Far out! These vlogs, they’re dangerous, guys, they’re dangerous.

Look at this monstrosity. You see that, guys? Look at that chandelier. What on earth is that? Far out!

Oh, man! Two Aussie slang terms for you, guys. What is this? This is a ute. What is this? This is a Barbie.

I just saw something really cool, okay? So, I’m a bit of a biology nerd, as you may know, and I love gum trees, right? So, these are two different species of gum trees, but when gum trees are young, like this little one, they have really round leaves right. So, these leaves are incredibly round, but when they become adults, they get leaves like… where are we? Up here. See these really sharp leaves. So, I’ll see if I can find some. So, they end up looking like this. They end up looking sharp. So, baby, adult. Pretty cool.

You’ve got to be kidding me, mate! I don’t have a bag! God! Now, I just feel like a dick. How much have you got inside you dude? What did you eat? Did you eat a cow for breakfast or something. Come on! No shame. This guy has no shame.

Alright, so we were talking earlier about dick moves, guys. So, that’s why you should probably bring two bags with you. There is no way that I’m picking up his most recent deposit and putting that in my pocket. So, nature, you’ll just have to take one for the team. Sorry about that, guys. Poor form.

Yes, because I don’t trust this little guy enough to cross the road by himself. Too much energy today. How’s the Serenity, guys. How’s the serenity?

Alright, guys, so that is part one of what is going to be a two part vlog series. It ended up being about 20 minutes. So, it was a bit too long. I want to keep these short and sweet so that you can get through them really quickly.

Anyway, don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, guys, and the bell icon so that you can stay up to date with the notifications for when the second part comes out. And in the meantime, make sure that you comment below and let me know what you thought of this episode and what other kinds of things you would like me to vlog on in the future.

Anyway, guys, I will see you in part 2 shortly, in maybe a week or so. All the best.

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