Ep028: Expression – A chug, to chug, to chug along

In today’s episode of Aussie English I’m going to go over how to use the words and expressions “a chug”, “to chug” and “to chug along”.

A chug – of a drink

Noun – to take a large gulp of a drink

  • I took a long chug of my beer.


To chug – a drink

Verb – to consume in large gulps without pausing.

  • He chugged his drink in one go.
  • You are chugging down a lot of wine tonight.


A chug – of a motor

Noun – a muffled explosive sound or sounds

  • I could hear the chug of the motorboat.


To chug – (a vehicle)

Verb – move slowly making a regular muffled explosive sound, as of an engine running slowly.

  • The train chugged slowly into the station.


To chug along

Phrasal verb – to move along at a steady pace

  • We chugged along for a two hours in the train.

Response to:

  • How’s it going?
  • How’re you going?


  • Yeah, chugging along
    • Yeah I’m chugging along
  • Yeah, chugging along ok.
  • Yeah, getting there, chugging along.
  • How’s your son going?
  • yeah, he’s chugging along
    • He’s doing what he always does.
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