Ep030: Pronunciation of “It’s”, “‘t’s” and “s'”

In this pronunciation episode of Aussie English I go over how the pronunciation of “it’s” often gets reduced to just “‘t’s” or even “s'”.

Pronunciation of “it’s” = “‘ts” = “‘s”

It’s gonna be a great weekend
‘t’s gonna be a great weekend
s’gonna be a great weekend

It’s all good
‘t’s all good
s’all good

It’s alright
‘t’s alright

It’s been good
‘t’s been good
s’been good

It’s always the same excuse
‘t’s always the same excuse
s’always the same excuse

It’s ok
‘t’s ok

It’s just
‘t’s just

It was, it wasn’t
t’was, t’wasn’t

Note: when a letter of a word is dropped / removed in written English we often indicate this using an apostrophe (‘), e.g. “‘t’s just that…” the same happens when a reduced word is joined to another word, e.g. “s’all good”.