Pronouncing AUSTRALIAN CITIES in an Aussie accent

Learn Australian English in this episode of Aussie English where we go through pronouncing Australian cities in an Aussie accent.

Pronouncing The Biggest Australian Cities In An Aussie Accent

G’day guys.

Welcome to this episode of Aussie English.

Today, we’re going to learn how to pronounce 15 of Australia’s largest cities with an Aussie accent.

Let’s go.

So, not only am I going to teach you the 15 largest Australian cities and how to pronounce them with an Australian accent today, guys,

but we’re also going to practice the contraction of “Going to”, “Going to”.

And this gets contracted all the time by native Australians to “Goin’ah”, “Goin’ah”.

“I’m going to the shops”, gets contracted as, “I’m goin’ah the shops”.

So, let’s get started.

I’m going to Sydney.
I’m goin’ah Sydney

You’re going to Melbourne
You’re goin’ah Melbourne

He’s going to Brisbane
He’s goin’ah Brisbane

She’s going to Perth
She’s goin’ah Perth

We’re going to Adelaide
We’re goin’ah Adelaide

The Gold Coast
They’re going to The Gold Coast
They’re goin’ah The Gold Coast

I’m going to Newcastle
I’m goin’ah Newcastle

You’re going to Canberra
You’re goin’ah Canberra

The Sunshine Coast
He’s going to The Sunshine Coast
He’s goin’ah The Sunshine Coast

Wollongong (That’s a hard one.)
We’re going to Wollongong
We’re goin’ah Wollongong

Hobart (And notice the “T” gets muted.)
They’re going to Hobart
They’re goin’ah Hobart

Geelong (This is my home town.)
I’m going to Geelong
I’m goin’ah Geelong

You’re going to Townsville
You’re goin’ah Townsville

He’s going to Cairns
He’s goin’ah Cairns

She’s going to Darwin
She’s goin’ah Darwin

Note: “Goin’ah” is only spoken and never written. It’s always written as “Going to”.

Anyway, guys, I hope that helped. I really really wanted to include “Going to”, which becomes “Goin’ah”, because you’re going to hear that all the time.

So, not only did we learn how to pronounce these different cities with an Australian accent, but also how to pronounce “Going to” as “Goin’ah”.

Anyway, that’s long enough.

See you in the next episode.

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