Traveling With Pete Ep04: Point Addis

Learn Australian English in this Traveling With Pete episode of Aussie English where I take you to Point Addis, Victoria, Australia.

Traveling With Pete Ep04: Point Addis

Where’re we going to go? What are they potential places? Give me the deets (details). Give me the down low.

Well, we’re going to go somewhere down The Great Ocean Road, I think, but we’ll see. If Torquay is a bit busy we’ll keep going and find a spot we like.

That’s it. Hopefully, it’s not going to be ridiculous. I have the worst feeling that Torquay is going to be a nightmare. Yep.

Dad’s like, “You’re going to get down there and it’s going to be probably relatively to get in line to get some fish and chips if you’re willing to wait long enough, but it’s going to take half an hour to find a carpark.”

Oh, we can keep going. I’ve got no plans. That’s it. So, we’ll see where we end up guys. Stay tuned.

Where are we Dave? Where is this? Point Addis. Point Addis. So, this is on the way to Anglesea. And it’s so weird, right? We went… we just drove down, it’s a sunny day, there sky’s no clouds anywhere… and all of a sudden just fog coming off the sea. Fog, fog, fog.

So, I’ll show you this and give you a look outside behind me. Check this out. Let’s see what I can see. Yeah. There’s just fog everywhere. Fog, fog, fog coming off the ocean, coming off the ocean at Point Addis. So, this is really close to Bells Beach. Bells Beach. Past Torquay and on the way to Anglesea. So, we’re going to go for a walk and check out the beach down here before hopefully going to grab some fish and chips from Anglesea? Yeah, why not?! Yeah, let’s do it.

So, the Koorie Cultural Walk. I believe the Koorie are the local indigenous people in this area. Check out this sign as well. And it’s actually a nude beach. We’ll get to that in a sec (second). That’s pretty crazy, Dave.

Here comes the sun.

What does it say? Southside Beach has been a declared nude beach since 1986. This map shows the designated nude beach area.

So, we can’t go there, or Dave might take me there.

Clothing is optional within this area. Southside Beach is open to all visitors.

Oh my gosh. So, here are the rules, guys. Here are the rules. Be sun-smart. Be sun-smart. Sunscreen everywhere. Everywhere!

That is very cool. I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before. What is it? Is it just metal in there to make sure that you don’t slip over? (I’ve) never seen anything like that. It’s like plastic. Very weird.

So, here you go. No spearfishing, no fishing, no touching of shellfish or crabs. Don’t touch the shellfish or crabs guys, but bring your dogs!

So, here we are, guys. We’ve come down Point Addiscot (Point Addis*), down past the lookout to check out the beach. I’m here with Dave, and it’s just so weird. You’ll see all of this fog that looks like it’s only 100m, maybe less, above the ocean, above the ground. And so, we drove through all of this fog when coming down to the beach here and (we) were really shocked because it was a really really sunny day. There were… Oh, just going to take my thongs off. There was just no sun, sorry, no sun, there was no clouds* in the sky. So, we came all the way down here thinking it’d be incredibly sunny, and the sun is there as you can probably see, but the clouds are everywhere. But this place is absolutely beautiful. I think it’s been years and years and years since I’ve been here. And you’ll see the point out here. And if you remember from the Barwon Heads episode that’s a bluff where you’ve got that cliff, a bluff. So, I might go have a dip. I might go chuck my… get my feet in the water. What about you, Dave? Are you going to get in? Let’s do it. Just, I’ve got to realise that I’m holding my phone and don’t drop my phone. How cool is this though, guys? Look at this. In the ocean, cliff in the background. It’s actually really nice, hey? What… how hot would you say it is at the moment, Dave? Yeah, yeah, temperature wise? It’s probably… Mid to high twenties (25-29C). The water’s pretty nice too. I guess this is the part of summer once you get really into it that it starts getting nice. And Victoria’s really known for, what, really really cold water, right? Yeah. Like… It takes a while. It takes a while to get used to the water. Far out. Look at these cliffs as well. See the cliffs around here guys. There’s a little cave/indent over here. How chill is this?

So, yeah, if you guys come down here to check out Bells Beach, to go to Torquay, to have a look at Anglesea, then I definitely recommend that you come down here and check out Point Addiscot (Point Addis*), I think it is. Point Addis, Addiscot. Just stay away from the nude end of the beach. Whereabouts is that, Dave? Where’s the nude end? That way. You must know this pretty well. Yeah. That’s the nude end of the beach. Yeah. Man they make them walk the furthest? I would’ve thought it’d be funnier if you had the nude end of the beach right here at the end of the stairs. And everyone has to walk through the nude end of the beach? Yeah, that’s it you’ve got to walk through it. Oh, (there’s) fish. Look at this. Huh? Fishy fish? Look at that. The sun is… oh, the fog is actually going out to see it looks like. Huh? You’ll see in the sky. The sky’s starting to clear up a little bit. Just a little bit. But you can see that fog it’s moving out to the ocean.

Yeah, yeah yeah, oh it jumped out of the water!

Guys, you’ve got to check out this epic epic epic amount of erosion that has occurred on these cliffs here in front of me. You can obviously see that down here all of these channels that the water flows down whenever it rains, and you can see as well down the bottom that the high-tide mark is right up against the bottom of this cliff, and all of this stuff just falls off as a result of the tides coming in everyday, and all of this stuff comes down as a result of humidity and the rain and water, water running down the side of the cliff, and this is how these coastlines get shaped. And, as a result as well, you can see you have massive rocks like this just falling out of these cliff faces and leading to, obviously, all of the debris down here and the sand that builds up on the beach. So, these are all limestone, again, I believe. So, layers and layers and layers of beaches upon beaches from millions and millions of years ago, and you’ve got a shit-load of different fossils that you can find in these areas, and I think, quite often, geologists and paleontologists come down here to check out these areas and find some quite interesting things at times.

These things in front of me are part of the reason that you have to be very careful when you’re around cliffs like this, and (they are) part of the reason that you would stay away from areas like that, especially if you’re going to sunbath on beaches like this, because these huge huge rocks as you can see here, (I’ll) put my hand on it, they often fall down, quite often, and there have been quite a few deaths in the past in locations like this around Australia. So, just be very very careful when you come to these areas not to sit… Oh, I’ll quickly do something naughty and walk under it, but don’t sit under these ledges for very long. And you can see here, look at all these cracks along the ledge. So, (it’s) not the safest place to be. Oh, look at this. That’s crazy. This big slab of rock in front of us lying up vertical like this. And check out this, some people have been stacking some rocks up. Here’s what we were talking about before, guys.

So, Australia and flies, guys. Dave just walked in this cave and found these flies all on the… all on the cave here. So, I thought I would do something funny. There must be millions here, literally millions. Look at this, look at this. I’ll get close to it. Oh, you’re not going to be able to see it. Woah, shit! Woah Dave! Woah! Fuuuu*&… Oh, far out. I’ll try that again. That was epic. That was epic. There’s so many. There are so many. So, let’s see if we can get these flies to go ballistic guys. (Let’s) see if I can stand it. Oh, that’s funny. I’m so glad none of them went in my eyes or my nose. Oh, jesus.

This is why you take your thongs with you everywhere, guys. Jesus! They were going to go. They were going to go. It was that close. Dave’s found some early fish and chips. What did you find Dave? A piece of crab. It’s a swimmer crab carapace. For the win!

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