Ep037: Interview – John’s Australia

In this interview with my mate John I interview him about his Australia, how he sees things such as the people, stereotypes, places, etc.

The vocabulary, accent, and subject material make this interview a very advanced level resource for you guys learning Aussie English. So that said, if you have to listen many times to be able to understand what’s being said that’s only natural. Even when I listened back to this interview I had to listen to a few things twice to pick up what was being said. However, it is definitely good exposure to what a very strong accent in Australia is like. I hope you enjoy it!

Warning: explicit language used in this interview. 

Interview: John’s Australia

Vocab listed in order of appearance in the interview:

G-rated – a rating for television programs or films. General audiences – all ages admitted.

Frothies – beers, froth is the layer of bubbles on top.

Sinking piss – to drink alcohol (very mildly rude)

The old veebs – VB or Victorian Bitter, a common brand of Australian beer.

Hitting the turps – to drink alcohol

Bogan – a lower class Australian, often uncouth, rude, drinks and swears a lot.

The bogan drawl – to slur your words together, mumble, speak with a thick accent

To mumble – to say something quietly or indistinctly

Dumb as hell – to be incredibly stupid

Cluey – to be smart, to be clued-on

A bad rap – unjustified criticism

Piss – alcohol (mildly rude)

…and shit / …and stuff – …and things, “etc.” (“…and shit” – mildly rude)

Not here to fuck spiders – not here to fuck around, not here to waste time (pretty rude)

Dry as a dead dingo’s donger – to be very dry, e.g. the desert is dry as a dead dingo’s donger (donger – slang term for penis).

Flat out like a lizard drinking – to be doing something very quickly, trying to finish something fast.

Sweet as mate – awesome, very good.

No worries – no problem

Jesus Christ – said in emphasize shock at something

Prawn / shrimp – a crustacean commonly eaten in Australia (shrimp is the American version of Prawn)

Ethos – an ideology

Long winded answer – an answer that uses too many words or sentences (when spoken/written)

A + “god damn fucking” + noun – swearing adds emphasis of dislike on the noun (very rude)

Fucking oath – said in agreement (pretty rude)

Fucking ey – said in agreement (pretty rude)

Poorly thought out – something that wasn’t planned well.

Holden – car manufacturing company

To pull something out of your bum – to make up

To shit (someone) – that’s what shits me – that’s what annoys me (mildly rude)

To shore up the numbers – to increase the numbers

Booze – alcohol

Fucking retard – an idiot (very rude)

Yeah nah – no

Nah yeah – yes

Chunk – part, bit, piece

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