Ep025: Aussie Expressions For Saying “To Steal”

There are numerous different Aussie expressions for saying “to steal”, which means “to take something without permission, something that doesn’t belong to you“.

  • To steal
  • To rob
  • To flog
  • To nick
  • To pinch
  • To swipe

Note: “To Rob” isn’t used like the other verbs, you rob someone of something, or you rob a place.


  • I robbed Pete of his shoes.
  • I robbed the bank.


  • I stole Pete’s shoes.
  • I pinched Pete’s shoes.
  • I flogged Pete’s shoes.
  • I nicked Pete’s shoes.
  • I swiped Pete’s shoes.


  • I stole from the bank. (you don’t have to be specific about what you stole with the verb “to steal”)
  • I flogged money from the bank. (need to be specific)
  • I nicked money from the bank (need to be specific)
  • I pinched money from the bank (need to be specific)
  • I swiped money from the bank (need to be specific)
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