Ep024: Aussie Slang Terms “Ripper” & “Beauty”

In today’s episode you’re going to learn what the Aussie slang terms “Ripper” and “Beauty” mean, as well as when and how to use them in every day conversation with Aussies.

The following are slang terms and expressions to use when you want to express excited approval when something has gone really well!

  • That’s sweet
  • That’s awesome
  • Good job
  • Well done
  • Nice one!
  • Good on ya!
  • You little beauty
  • You little ripper


  • You little beauty!
  • What a beauty!
  • I caught a really big fish today!
  • You little beauty!
  • Check out the really big fish I caught today!
  • Oh mate! What a beauty!
  • I’ve finished building my new house!
  • Oh mate! You beauty!
  • Mate, your new house looks amazing!
  • Yeah, she’s a real beauty, isn’t she?


  • You little ripper!
  • What a ripper!
  • I came first in the race!
  • You little ripper!
  • Check out the medal I won in the race!
  • What a ripper!
  • I won a new motorbike at the pub raffle.
  • You little ripper!
  • Check out the bike I wont at the pub raffle.
  • What a ripper!