Ep012: Aussie Pronunciation Of “To Give” + Pronouns

In this episode I discuss the Aussie pronunciation of the verb “to give” when followed by the pronouns “me”, “us”, “them”, “you”, “him” and “her” and how they change when we Aussies speak quickly.

  • Give + me = gimme
  • Give + us = givus
  • Give + them = givem
  • Give + you = givya
  • Give + him = givim
  • Give + her = giver

Example sentences:

  • Can you gimme a minute? I’m not ready.
  • I’m parched, can you givus another beer?
  • They’ll finish the work if you givem some more time.
  • I’ll givya twenty minutes to get ready.
  • If he’s still hungry then givim some more food.
  • We’ll giver a fair price for the car.

Note: remember we never write “givem” or “givim” etc, I’m just doing that here for the sake of teaching you the pronunciation.


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