Ep011: Break Down – Paul Hogan Ad 1984

In this episode of Aussie English I break down every sentence in this Paul Hogan ad from 1984 which is chocka-block full of Aussie slang, expressions and some interesting pronunciation.

America you look like you need a holiday.
A fair dinkum holiday.
In the land of wonder, the land down under.
Now there’s a few things I’ve gotta warn ya ‘bout.
Firstly, you’re gonna get wet, because the place is surrounded by water.
Oh, and you’re gonna have to learn to say “G’day”.
‘Cause every day’s a good day in Australia.
“G’day Paul!”
“G’day love!”
Apart from that, no worries.
You’ll have the time of your life in Australia.
‘Cause we talk the same language.
Although you lot do have a funny accent.
C’mon! Come ‘n’ say “G’day”.
I’ll slip an extra shrimp on the Barbie for ya.