Ep005: An Introduction To Australian Slang Words

In this episode of Aussie English I introduce Aussie slang words that end in -ie or -o. There are dozens of slang words in Aussie English that have these endings, so you’ll definitely come across them a lot when speaking with Aussies.

Ep005: An Introduction To Australian Slang Words

G’day guys!

Welcome to this episode of Aussie English. In this episode I’m going to introduce you to Australian slang words. So a lot of Australian slang words have specific endings. You’ll hear the same ending quite often associated with slang terms, and two cases are “-ie”*, which sounds like “ee” and “-o”, which obviously sounds like “o”.

* Some words are written with a “-y” instead of an “-ie” but it sounds the same.

So some examples of words that have become slang and have had the “-ie” added to a reduced form of the original word or sentence includes the following:

  • Baddie – bad person
  • Boardies – board shorts
  • Cabbie – cab driver or taxi driver
  • Chrissie – Christmas
  • Comfy – comfortable
  • Cozzie – bathers or swimmers. So what you where when you go for a swim.
  • Druggie – someone addicted to drugs, or who does drugs.
  • Dunny (or Loo) – that is the toilet
  • Fasty – that’s an act of deception
  • Footy – Australian rules football (or the football itself)
  • Freebie – something that’s free
  • Goodie-goodie – is a person who is overly good. Often someone in (a school) class who’s what we call a goodie-goodie too-shoes. So they do everything the teacher wants them to do

Anyway so they’re a few of the “-ie” (and “-y”) slang terms and you would’ve noticed with “boardies”, board shorts, when it’s plural we just add an “-s” to the end of the word. So “boardie” becomes “boardies”*.

* Slang terms that end in “-y” instead of “-ie” also take the ending “-ies” in the plural form, e.g. “dunny” becomes “dunnies”. 

With regards to “o” and words that end in “-o” it’s the same case for plural. We just add an “-s” to the end. And a few words that end in “-o” that are slang words in Australian are:

  • Aggro (also, “agro”) – aggressive
  • Arvo – afternoon
  • Demo – demonstration
  • Freo – which is a town in Western Australia and it’s also a football team.
  • Gastro – gastroenteritis, which is when you have food-poisoning or some bacterial infection in your stomach and you have a very unpleasant time on the toilet for a few days.
  • Hyper or hypo – which means hyper-active, although “hypo”, a lot of Australians say incorrectly, means hypo-active, which means slow where hyper-active means “hyper”, over-active, quick.
  • Info – information
  • Intro – introduction
  • Outro – the opposite of intro. So what you would hear at the end of something. However, “outroduction” is not a word. We never say that. So don’t ever say “outroduction”.
  • Physio – physiotherapy or a physiotherapist. Someone who helps someone who’s had a muscular injury.
  • Rego – vehicle registration. So it’s what you pay in order to have your car registered to drive on the road. And we also say…
  • Thingo – which isn’t a shortening but actually a lengthening of the word “thing”. So if we don’t know what something is we may say “oh it was that thingo” (you can also say “thingy”).

Note: The plural forms of words ending in “-o” can be spelt “-oes” or just “-os”.

That was an introduction to Australian slang words ending in “-ie” and “-o”, so (pronounced) “ee” and “o” and remember their plurals “-ies” and “-oes/-os”. In the future I’m going to do individual lessons on these specific slang terms, slang words, and how to use them in sentences and in the proper context.

This lesson was just to familiarise you with the endings and give you some examples, and hopefully when I go over them more specifically, more in depth, you will remember some of the words that I’ve said today. Until next time guys, have a good one!

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