Announcement: How the Aussie English Memberships Work

Here’s a quick announcement about how the Aussie English memberships work.

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Announcement: How the Aussie English Memberships Work

G’day, guys, and welcome to this announcement episode of Aussie English.

Today, I want to chat to you about the memberships, what I have to offer on Aussie English, and I want to clear up any confusion that there is.

So, I just received one e-mail from a subscriber to and there seems like there was a bit of confusion. The person didn’t understand that it is a monthly membership. You pay each month, right. If you get the monthly membership, the one that is currently $4.99/month, every month you are charged automatically when you sign up, okay. And there’s obviously a six-month membership where you are charged every six months, and there’s the 12-month membership where you were charged every twelve months. And unfortunately, this person was quite annoyed and angry suggesting that I had tricked them and was automatically taking this money from them. It’s not that I’m tricking you guys. I’m not trying to be dishonest. It explicitly says on the sales page that it is a $4.99 membership every single month.

So, I just wanted to make this episode to clarify the different memberships that I have, why I have them, and that they are automatic payments, right. So, when you guys sign up to these things, whether it’s a monthly membership, six months, a yearly membership, you’re entering your details in to a plug in that I have on my web site and it deals with these transfers automatically. It’s not me personally taking this money from you, okay. This is all automatically done through these programs on the web site.

So, why do I have two different memberships? The podcast one, the Aussie English Podcast membership, was to give people access to all the transcripts for every single episode on the podcast, as well as the MP3s so that they can download and listen to these episodes anywhere, any time on their computers, on their phones, which they can already do if they use a podcast app, but some people wanted the actual MP3 to be able to have on their computer, open up, and write and, I don’t know, I guess, change, listen to, slow down, whatever they wanted to do with it. But then also, I had a lot of people asking for written transcripts for every single podcast episode.

Now, initially, I wasn’t… I wasn’t writing out the transcript for every episode, because it takes a lot of time. I was doing it for the expression episodes, and then sometimes for the interview episodes, but it requires a lot of time to listen to audio that is 15, 30, 60 minutes long sometimes, sometimes longer, and write out every single word that is said. So, it would usually take 45 minutes for a 15-minute episode, three hours for a one-hour episode. So, I needed to pay someone else to do this.

So, that is why there is the Aussie English Podcast membership. When you sign up to this for the price of $4.99 a month at the moment, so like 1 coffee a month, you get access to every single podcast episode that comes out now with the MP3 and the transcript that you can then download and read, listen to, anywhere anytime, whether you’re connected to the Internet or not. It’s just there for anyone who wants just the written material and the audio for the podcast itself. Okay? So, that’s what that’s about.

The other membership I have that is separate from the Aussie English podcast dot com. Membership is the classroom. The Aussie English Classroom. Now this is different and it’s not connected to this, because people didn’t want to get both. So, I wanted… I had people who just wanted to have the podcast material and then I had people who wanted the courses and everything else that I have in the classroom, which doesn’t include every single episode on the podcast, although, it does include things like the expression episodes and the IELTs courses. Any of the stuff that I put in the classroom, usually, has a component or part of it that is on the podcast, but not everything on the podcast goes into the Classroom.

So, at the moment, the Aussie English Classroom is full of courses, every single expression episode that comes out now is of course in the Aussie English Classroom. There is also a pronunciation course in there with videos and audio that isn’t on the podcast. There’s interview courses in there as well for you to practice your listening comprehension of Australian accents. Interviews with other Aussies. And then there are some advanced grammar and English lessons in there as well. So, there are currently over 50 courses in there. So, this is where the bulk of Aussie English’s content is. It’s in the Aussie English Classroom.

So, that’s why I have these two separate memberships, and I want to remind you guys that with these memberships, there on-going. So, if you sign up for the Aussie English Podcast membership, it is an automatic payment that comes out every month or six months or 12 months depending on your membership. And it’s the same for the Aussie English Classroom, where if you pay per month, it comes out every month. If you have a three-month or six-month or 12-month membership, it comes out automatically every three, six, or 12 months. Okay?

So, I just wanted to clarify that for you guys, and to let you know how it works, why it works that way, and what each of them have to offer. If you would like to sign up for either of them, go to or go to and you can sign up and give it a go. Okay.

And remember, the Aussie English Classroom is just one dollar for the first month, right. So, you get 30 days for a dollar. That kind of deal isn’t anywhere and I want you to have that so that you can get in there and really give it a go before paying the full fee per month. Okay. So, really take advantage of that deal, guys.

If you have any questions feel free to email me any time at TheAussieEnglishPodcast [at] gmail dot com. And yeah, I hope that clears up any confusion with those memberships and with English.

Thanks for joining me, guys, and I will chat to you next time. See ya!

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