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AE 897 – How to Improve your English Listening Skills

Learn Australian English in this special collaboration episode of the Aussie English podcast!

Hey guys, meet my fellow ESL podcast buddy Charlie Baxter of — and today, we are going to give you the top tips on how you can improve your English listening skills.

Here are the top tips:
#1 – Choose content that is at your level.
#2 – Use a 5-Step Method when consuming content.
#3 – Find content that has multiple speakers.
#4 – Focus on the message, NOT the individual words.
#5 – Use content with different English accents & dialects.
#6 – Connect your English study with your PASSION.
#7 – Speak to BOTH non-native & native language speakers.

So, do you think we’ve covered it all?

How else do you think language learners can improve their listening skills?

Improve your listening skills today – listen, play & pause this episode – and start speaking like a native English speaker!

More about Charlie, scroll below! 👍

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Charlie is the host and creator of The British English Podcast & Academy. He has also been an active YouTube English Teacher since 2016 but after seeing how many of his students wanted a more structured, carefully designed way to study he decided to create The British English Podcast Academy.

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