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AE 884 – How To Learn And Remember Vocab The Easy Way

Learn Australian English in this special episode of the Aussie English podcast!

So, do you wish you had a broader vocabulary in English?
Or do you want to have more English expressions on the tip of your tongue for daily conversations?
But do you find you easily forget them as soon as you have learnt them?

I received this interesting question from Mohsen, one of my followers on Instagram, asking me for the best way to learn new vocab and remember it — thank you, Mohsen!

In this episode, I talk about several things that you need to know about learning any language:

  • How to expand your English vocabulary
  • How to use complex English sentence structures in your daily conversations
  • The key to retaining vocabulary and expressions that you have learned
  • The right way to read any material & recall what you have read
  • Why continuous intake of English vocabulary is essential
  • Anki and how to use it
  • How to retain vocabulary in the long run with mnemonics & word association
  • Learn how to organize information into easy-to-learn groups
  • Why you need to study and have fun at the same time
  • What the Pomodoro technique is & how it can help you study better

These tips should help you a lot, I hope you enjoy this video!

Comment below if you think there’s anything else we can add to this list!

PS – here’s the Marty Lobdell video summary I talked about:

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