AE 693 – The Goss: Australian Racism, Morepork Owls, and Why Norfolk Island was a Living Hell

Learn Australian English in this episode of the Goss where my dad and I talk about Australian racism, Morepork owls, and Norfolk Island being a living hell.

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    1. Hhhmm.. You can actually be an australian AND be born overseas AND have an accent..So keep that in mind.Recently a lady told me how she was told off by an asian looking person behind the counter to adhere to the social distancing laws.She told him that he had probably brought it in..sigh..I pointed out that he was probably born here and that I was in fact from overseas …She then gladly told me that I was OK and not worried about someone like me LOL! I am here on this website and doing a course to improve my Aussie accent.WHY .? Sick and tired of being targeted by small tribal people that are European descending pointing out that I am not allowed to be or feel like I am an Australian. Now when you can not really publicly be a rasist , people seem to want to discriminate towards people who sound different..As much as I LOVE this Country I would prefer it people would be a bit less accent fixated..including me Ha Ha !.

      1. Yeah, unfortunately idiots live everywhere in the world and at the moment they’re really scared and want to blame others for it.

        Just keep working hard and remember for every idiot out there there’s an awesome human being as well 😀

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