culture shock australia

AE 673 – Australian Culture Shock: 10 x Weird Things About Life in Australia!

Learn Australian English in this episode where I talk about Australian Culture Shock: 10 x Weird Things About Life in Australia!

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    1. G’day Pete !!! This episode about the culture shock was very interesting !!!
      I did not know that Public Security was so good in Australia, in a way that you can let doors opened or cars unlocked !!! In Brazil, due to the high social inequality you would have serious problems doing it !!!
      Just for you to know, here the thieves steal even old cars 🙁
      Well, that’s it
      Keep up the good work, mate 🙂

      1. Hey Gilson! Glad you liked it. Yeah, I think it probably depends where you are. There’re still places in Aus where it’s dangerous and you wouldn’t walk at night or leave your car open, but it’s definitely fine in many places.

    2. G’day Pete!
      I’m a Brazilian living in Melbourne in 2020, and I agree with the list. In my experience, the biggest culture shocks are:
      #1. the cuts of meat: here you don’t find beef cuts similar to those in Brazil. But the pork cuts are quite similar. Does that make any sense? Besides, in Australia, you eat more lamb than in Brazil.
      #2. second-hand stuff: that’s different from Brazil because we usually give it away or donate to charities. I saw in Sydney the stuff dropped off on service street (behind the houses), and in Melbourne in front of the houses. In Brazil, if you drop off the second-hand stuff on the street, days later that place will become the neighbourhood garbage dump….
      #3. leaving things unlocked: that it is also possible in Brazil. In small cities, obviously! In São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, and others, it’s not possible!

      I missed one item: “windows closed”. Mate! How do you survive without fresh air? The houses and workplaces with windows closed with air condition/heater turn on all day. In my opinion, the most shocking in Australia is a windowless bathroom. In Brazil, toilets also have windows for air circulation.

    3. HI Pete
      I want to mention number 11 . there is no night life in Melbourne Aussies go to bed at 9 🙂
      and mal has been closed at 17 PM
      in comparison with Dubai , Istanbul or Tehran there is no night life here

    4. oh mate seems you forgot to mention about the Internet in Australia it’s definitely the shittiest one in the world, anyway cool episode thanks a lot