AE 442 – Vlog: Brazilian Food Isn’t What I Expected | Australian vs Brazilian Food & Culture

Learn Australian English in today’s Aussie English vlog episode where I take Kel into town to grab some traditional Brazilian food to try and compare Australian vs Brazilian food and culture.

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AE 442 – Vlog: Brazilian Food Isn’t What I Expected | Australian vs Brazilian Food & Culture

Alright, guys. So, we’re going to some place Deli Cravings that Kel just found, because apparently it sells Brazilian food authentic Brazilian food that’s been imported from Brazil, huh? And Kel’s pretty excited. She started screaming on the computer in the lounge room, and is like “You have to come with me! You’ve got to take me. Even though, it’s ANZAC Day, it’s open. We need to go. We need to go get food I need you to try my… the food of my people. You need to try it. Try the food! Try the f*cking food, Pete! She didn’t say that. She was a little calmer, just slightly. Let’s see.

Alright, so we’re here in this little… I don’t know what you call this place, like, mall. There’s shops open everywhere, even though it’s Anzac Day today. So, they should be close, but obviously, they don’t care. They don’t give a sh*t. Here we go. Here’s the place.

Straight ahead and on your left.


Can you see it?

No. So exciting! That’s it.

Oh, I don’t know what this is, but we’re going to try it. I wish I could see Kel’s face now, guys, she’s like a kid in a candy store. So, there’s lots of foreign food here. It looks amazing.

Paçoquinha. There’s another one. I have no idea what it is, but apparently we’re going to try it. *Portuguese*. I know pau de queijo. Pão*. “Pão”, not “pau”. Pão de queijo. Oh, too funny.

I can’t take everything. I have to choose. I know, you’re going to have to be selective. I have no idea what all this is , but I’m looking forward to eating. Tapioca. There’s another one. What’s that one? Batata paiha. Oh yeah, you guys love that. They’re like little chips, aren’t they? I know farofa, but I’m always like “What is it? Rice or is it because cous cous?”. It’s something else though, right? Farofa.

Kel just lost her sh*t. She was showing me this earlier today. There you go. Brazilians in Canberra, this is where you need to come! So, Kel has stocked up, guys. She has stocked up. There you go.

How’s it going? Would you like a bag? Yes please. How’s your day going? Busy? Actually, busier than we expected. Yeah, we didn’t expect you to be open. She lost her sh*t. She found all this Brazilian traditional food and was like, “We need to go to the store”. You guys should advertise this. There’re so many Brazilians. Yeah, she’s been here for two years and hasn’t had any of this. And she’s just like, “Oh my god!”. Did you want a receipt? No, you’re all good. Thanks a lot. Have a good day. Thanks. See you. Where’re we going?

Alright, guys, we’ve stocked up. We have stocked up. We have like 40 bucks worth of Brazilian food, which doesn’t amount to much once it’s been imported here to Australia, but it’s going to be an interesting experience to see what this is like. I haven’t had any traditional Brazilian food that’s actually come in packages or anything, right? We’ve made a few things like brigadeiros, and that was about it.

Yeah, and requejão.

Requejão também. We also had requejão. So, this is going to be good fun, guys. This is going to be good. I have no idea what to expect. In fact, I think I do know what to expect, a lot… a lot of sugar. I reckon it’s going to be as sugary as sh*t.

So, I am here today testing Brazilian food.

What’s the first one that’s coming my way? You… I’ve got to say, do I?


Tradição Brasileira, Paçoquinha.


Paçoquinha. So, what is this exactly? Paçoquinha? Or do you want to eat first and then tell me?

Um, just yeah… go for it. Smell it.

It looks like these little cylinders. Little cylinders. They kind of remind me of those apricot treats that you can get in Australia. Have you ever seen those with like Kirchen on the outside?


It’s really sweet, but I can already smell…

The sugar?

I can smell the amount of peanut butter. So, this is paçoquinha.

It’s very sweet.

Really? Rich.

Really, really sweet. You could never go through a whole one of those.

No. Oh really? I don’t find it really sweet.

No, it’s really sweet. It’s not what I was expecting. I was expecting it to be a more peanut buttery and really dense, ’cause those apricot things that I have in Australia… those apricot things are really really dense and chewy. So, I was expecting it to be like that but this feels like a kind of powdery and you bite into it. But it was very nice. Very sweet. Wow. So, this is the inside of it. Yeah, oh my god! I could have one of those, I think. Oh! They are really strong. Can I get a glass of water?


So that I can wash my mouth out. It’s very powdery. Sticks all over my mouth. Alright, I’ve cleansed my mouth and I’m ready for the next one. So, what’s next?


Bis. These look like waffle biscuits.


We used to have these with my… My grandmother loved these things, but they were like pink or yellow when they would come out. She would bring them out when I would get to our place. So, I think you can probably get these in Australia. Though, I haven’t seen… I haven’t seen them like this for. So, what are these? Bis. Nova formula. Woah, look out, “new formula”, guys. “Lacta”, that tells me there’s milk in it. Alright. Oh, the packaging looks a lot nicer than the Australian ones. The Australian ones, you’d pull it out of here and they would just be sitting there ready to come out. Wow, so that’s… look at that.

“Bis” is like “Again”. So, “você pedi um bis” is like you want something to happen again. So, if you’re singing and I’m like, “Oh, um bis”, it’s like, “Oh, sing again!”.

Ah, okay.

You get it. Yeah.

So, this is tiny. I was expecting it to be much bigger based on what I was looking at here. It’s a bit of false advertising there. Alright, so let’s give this a go. Kel’s getting into it. You haven’t had one of these in a while?

A long time.

Holy molly. Alright, so here we go. They look pretty good. They look like… Oh, there’s some Chomp bars that you can get in Australia and it looks like this. They’re called Chomps and they’ve got caramel in them. They’re really good. Alright. Yeah, these are good. I could eat a lot of these.

That’s Bis. Mmm so good!

I think I need a second one just to be sure that’s what I’m tasting. What are these like the Brazilian version of Tim Tams?

Yeah, but Tim Tams are extremely sweet for me.

Wow, yeah, they’re good. I really like those. They are just those waffle biscuits. You can definitely find those all around Australia. But they seem to come differently. They’ll be thin, but I think they’ve obviously used the same stamp, ’cause they have the same patterning.

What’s next. Guaraná.


So, the funny thing was Kel showed me, today, this morning, she’s like, “Have you ever tried Guanará?”, which is like the Brazilian version of coke, right? Like, it’s sugary. You’ve got coke, but it’s your special Brazilian…

It’s our main… yeah.

“O original do Brazil”. So, “the original from Brazil”. This is Guaraná Antartica. Alright, so it contains caffeine. Cuidado. Watch out!


And what is Guaraná exactly? It’s is a berr?

It’s a fruit. Yeah, the thing.

Yeah. So, I’ve never tasted the fruit. I’ve never had one of these, but I always hear Brazilians talking about it. So, like, this one was nice and cold in the fridge when we got there. Opens like normal can.

Smells like a normal drink.

Yeah. Alright, I’m guessing it’s going to be green or yellow. Oh, nailed it! So, do I just do a little bit? Alright, let’s just leave that there. Oh, it smells very Aramaic. Aromatic*. Lots and lots of fruits.

Just have a lot!

Have a lot? Ok. Is this going to blow my mind? That’s pretty good. It’s hard to describe though, ’cause it’s kind of like a fizzy drink, soft drink, but it’s fruity. It’s nowhere near as sweet as I was expecting.

Oh good.

I was expecting that to look like Mountain Dew or something, you know, just based on this and being like, “Oh my God”.

It tastes exactly like diabetes.

How much sugar does that actually have in it? Oh, it was only 10 grams, 10 percent. I don’t know what Coke is, but I think cokes are way more than 10 percent. So, that’s actually quite good. Keep smashing that.

So, these’re the other two things that you can wanting to show me. Nescau.

Nescau, which is our Milo, but better.

Which just looks like chocolate drink. Yeah, your milo, but better huh?

Much better.

Robbed! I’ve been robbed!

This looks pretty good. The other thing that I noticed, or Kel noticed, was farofa, which is what exactly? Cassava flour did you say? Cassava flour with these ingredients mixed in. And so, you have this as a side. And initially, I thought it looked like… Oh, is that like rice or something? Like, it looks like cous cous, but apparently it’s not. You wouldn’t have that much of it, right? It’s just kind of a little additive.

Yeah, that’s it. You described it perfectly.

Alright. Well, I guess, we will have that tonight and hopefully I can video that and include that, guys. Anyway, see you at dinnertime, guys.

Alright, guys, we’re back. It’s dinnertime. Kel’s cooked this nice little meal. We’ve got some black rice here, and then, what would you call this, Kel? This chicken.

This is herbed chicken.

Herbed chicken, yes. And also… excuse me. We have farofa. So, how do I eat this? What do I do with it? Do I just…?

You can try like that, but I think it might be a bit…


Yeah, just…

Do I just put it on the top?

No, just… Yeah, a little bit on the side. Yeah, and then you can mix it with rice if you want or…

Maybe, I should… I’ll get some of this rice and I’ll try the farofa. Alright. Actually, I might use a spoon. So, I’ve no idea what to expect. Is it good?


It’s really dry, and nice and salty. It’s not bad, it’s just…

The texture?

It’s kind of like it feels like they’ve gotten plain salty chips and put them in a blender, and that’s what you’ve ended up with all these… This is what a packet of chips is like when it’s been ground up.

Yeah, I was expecting it to be like flour, like chicken salt or something, very fine, but it’s chewy.

Yeah, it can be a bit…

Interesting. So, farofa. Not bad!

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