AE 439 – Vlog: Burgers & Beer in Canberra | Australian Food & Culture

Learn Australian English and about Australian food and culture in this vlog episode of Aussie English where Kel and I head to Brod Burgers to grab some burgers & beer for lunch!

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AE 439 – Vlog: Burgers and Beer in Canberra | Australian Food and Culture

Oh! Burger’s. Glassworks. Burgers first. Okay, so here we are Brod Burger’s, guys. Massive selection of burgers on the wall and I think I’ve acquired my target, the Piri Piri. Oh, I love chicken burgers.

I might have to grab a beer as well to wash it down and those Hog beers look pretty good so let’s try those. Oh, man, you had to check out this little tip jar. It was so cute. Although, I don’t think it was edible.

So, I was an idiot and forgot to record myself getting ready to eat this burger. So, instead, I took a photo of it, guys. $16.50 for the Piri Piri Burger, the chicken burger, $3 bucks for the chips as well. So, almost $20 for that. And the steak burger that Kel got was $18 bucks. So, looks incredibly expensive, but this is the kind of price you’re going to pay in Australia for this kind of food. Junk food in Australia, especially takeaway junk food, is not cheap. And beer wise, I didn’t take note of how much the beers cost, but they’re usually, for a study like this, a glass bottle, they’ll usually be about $7 or $8 dollars each, usually. Especially, if they’re craft beers. And, I just grabbed two beers. These are Feral Brewing Company beers. So, they’re really good ones. Local here in Australia. The Smoked Porter. So, quite a dark one there. Got that to try. And the Hop Hog as well. So, I think that’s an IPA and I wanted to give that one to go too.

I’m not usually one for sweets, but straight after the burger we saw these interesting looking desserts of some kind, I’d never seen them, like cronuts* or something like that. So, Kel twisted my arm and we decided to grab one of these things and give it a whirl.

Every time we go somewhere the girlfriend wants to eat something sweet. Yeah, I’m totally full of shit. It was totally my idea.

That’s pretty intense. Man, bring on the diabetes. Holy moly! Oh, geez! It’s pretty brutal.

So, I’m still not 100 percent sure what this thing was, although, it was obviously some kind of pastry that had been made like a doughnut with chocolate sauce on top, and then I think it had custard or some kind of chocolate creme on the inside. So, yeah, sugar, sugar, sugar, and more sugar.

Oh my gosh! That was incredibly rich, but very good. Oh my gosh. Rich!

Alright, guys, we just had burgers and we decided to come down to the Canberra Glassworks, which was right next to the burger place, in fact they joined, and have a bit of a sticky beak, have a poke around and see what it’s like. So, let’s go inside and have a look inside the actual hot room and engine room, see what it’s all about.

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