AE 434 – Interview: She Kicked Us Out & Stole Our Money!

Learn Australian English in this interview episode of the Aussie English Podcast where I chat with my girlfriend Quel about our recent experience where our landlord kicked us out and stole our money!

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AE 434 – Interview: She Kicked Us Out & Stole Our Money!

G’day, guys. Welcome to this episode of Aussie English. Today, I have a special episode for you where I sat down and I chatted to my girlfriend Quel, and we had a bit of a chat about a recent… how can I best describe it? A recent drama, a recent event, that we went through where we had recently moved into the Pakistani embassy, as you guys may or may not know from the previous episode Canberra Renting Nightmare, and we actually got chucked out.

So, anyway, you’ll find about what the hell happened with that story in today’s episode. So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this interview episode with me and Quel. Let’s go!


We should talk about what it was like trying to find somewhere to live in Canberra and that process, and see if we can give anyone some advice on house hunting. Don’t trust old ladies… I’m joking. Cuidado as vovozinhas! Cuidado gente! Meu deus! (Watch out for old ladies. Watch out, guys. My god!)

So, alright, so what happened? We came to Canberra and we were thinking initially we would try and find a house for ourselves. It’s like a two or three bedroom house. We would rent the whole thing and pay for the bond, pay the rent, kit it out. Like, we were crazy. Like, how… We could never afford to do that? Well, we could have, but it would’ve everything we had. It’s like… So, we were hunting around for a while, and I guess, there were loads of places, but the competition was just ridiculous. There was 20, 30, 40 applicants every single time we went anywhere to look. Yep. It was funny, because at the beginning, I think you’ve got fed up within a few days. Yep. And, I was like, okay, we’ll be fine, like just let’s keep looking. And then, five days later, I was like, I can’t keep doing this. Just please let’s… I think the most frustrating part was that you would go to these house inspections, you would check the house out, and you would fall in love with the house and think, oh my gosh! This is perfect. I can see myself living here with you. We could totally, you know… Oh there’s a balcony! We could have dinner on that! And then you would submit your application and within two days you would get the, “Sorry it’s been unsuccessful!”, and you’re like, “Fuck! Again?” Like, we went through probably like six of those, and then, we just decided, right, we were like, you know what… And it was funny, we both did it independently on this day, I think. I sent you a message being like, “Should we just want to sharehouse? Like screw this let’s just find a house where there’s already people. We don’t have to pay for a bond.” And I was like, “I’ve already found one.”. That’s it. You’d already been looking for ads online to suggest we go and check out. I just couldn’t do this, like, it’s really tiring, and when you don’t have your own space, your clothes are all over the place, like, you don’t really have a routine, ’cause you’re always moving, and it’s not your house so you have to, like, you know, be aware of and considering to towards all of them. Like, I don’t know. You just can’t completely relax. It’s always like, “Oh, am I moving tomorrow?”. But that’s more, that was more, when we were staying with our friends, where we weren’t paying rent and it wasn’t really our place at all, so you couldn’t just relax. You kind of had to be respectful of their space and time. Yeah, no, yeah, totally. And we didn’t want to, you know, take advantage, like, “Oh, yeah, I’m not paying! Let’s stay for another week!”. You know, like, I wanted to find a place. We had some very kind friends that we were very very… We were very fortunate to know. Yeah, and we got to hang out with the dogs, and, I guess the… We were there for three weeks, housesitting, taking care of their dogs, which was fair enough. We’re at least doing them a favour too. And they’re pretty well-off so it wasn’t like it was going to cost them money. Yep.

But then, so we we applied to some of these share house places. And so what happened, Quel? I’ll let you talk so I have a breather. So, what happened that day? You submitted two replies, I guess, to these people.

So, we had two options. One was this massive house and the other one was a bit smaller, but the second one, the guy didn’t have time on the same day to see us or something like that. He was away I think. ‘Cause we were always checking out a house, the inspection, and you had applied to those two places before. And I got replies from them. And then after it, one of them was like, “Just come round in an hour or something”.

Yeah, and the other guy was like, “Oh you know like next week or something.”, and we were like, “Oh?”. And we had to be out by like… Well, people were back the next day that we’re living in the house we were housesitting.

So, we decided to give it a go and we went to see the mansion. Yeah, the Pakistani embassy in Canberra, the old Pakistani embassy. They got booted out for reasons unknown. Everything’s so shady. Yeah. I don’t know. So, what happened? We got there. We drove through this place and it was like this suburb full of mansions and embassies, and we were like, “How are we… Are we in the right place?”. We can’t pay for that. Like, that’s probably a trap. And then, we drove up the driveway and the lady… you called and she sounded really rude, right?

Yes. So, I’m… How can I say that? I’m really sensitive. So, I do pay attention to the way people talk to me and like the vibe that I get from them. So, the moment I called her, she was a bit rough. Abrupt, short.

Yeah, she was a bit weird. It was like, “Okay, I can’t… you know, I don’t know this person so I’m not judging, and maybe she’s had a bad day.” Yeah maybe she had a bad day. And then we got to see her she was really full on, like she was a bit… I don’t know. You know, one those people… She was kind of half funny and lighthearted, but serious at the same time.

I didn’t… I couldn’t say, “Yes she’s kidding or like she’s serious”. It was a bit like, “What are you talking about?”. Because it was kind of like all business, but then the odd joke. And you’d be like, “I don’t know how to gauge this person.”. And something that I… yeah, like if I can give one advice always… One piece of advice*. Yeah, always trust your instincts.

I had this feeling… it was a really strong feeling, like, we shouldn’t be here, because she was saying horrible things about old housemates. People who’d lived there previously. Yeah, and I was like, “That’s not really nice.”, but we were laughing, and sometimes you do say things like, “Oh, this person, you know, like…”. Well maybe they had been a nightmare. We didn’t meet them, but yeah.

Yeah, but it was really weird that she was complaining about everyone, and I was like, “Okay, anyway, like, maybe they were horrible and she’s just a poor little old lady, that…”. That’s the thing too, I think she got us in that trap of being an old lady, and we’re like, “Oh yeah, vovozinha, which is “old lady” in… “little old lady” in Portuguese. We were like, “Oh, she’s probably right.”. She was not all right, guys. She was not alright. She was really nasty.

So, what happened? We said yes that day, right? We said yes, and then we moved on… two days after that.

Yeah, and we paid 1800 dollars, straight up, for the month. Yes, because… We texted her. We said, “Can we have four weeks? We’ll try it, see how we go.”. We gave her $1,800, $450 a week, for a room that was alright. It was a pretty big room, lots of space, and then a walk-through robes. It wasn’t that bad, honestly like… Walk-through robes, wardrobes, and then a nice big bathroom.

Yep. It was nice to have you know bathroom, and, like, I personally don’t like sharing bathrooms and, you know, things. So, I was really happy with that, and the fact that she was going to cook for us was a big thing. Yeah, that was another thing included in the bills. She was going to cook for us.

Yeah, and another, you know, another way to save money. We don’t have to go, you know, go out and buy food every day. She would provide it. So, it was, “Yeah, let’s definitely stay here.”.

The funny thing was, like, the food was… it was all right, but it was pretty… it wasn’t junk food, but it was very… I don’t think it was healthy. It just depended, I guess, on what she cooked, but a lot of was…

I think the food was really good. The problem for me was I never… I didn’t know what to expect. Yeah. Like, on Fridays, for example, she would… “Oh, yeah, we’re having pizza!”, and, like, “Okay, like, you know, I’m trying to be healthy, like, at least say, and, like, just, you know, say something beforehand so then we can, alright, we don’t really want pizza. So, we going to plan something else.”. Yeah, but some days you would just come and like “Oh, we’ll have fish and chips”. I was like, “Oh, we had pasta, yesterday.” So, it’s like, I don’t know, just very…

Anyway, so, yeah, we moved in, we were doing that, it was okay, but the funny thing… I guess, “the penny dropped” we say in English, when we… when you suddenly realise what what’s happened, “the penny dropped”. We had dinner with her and, I guess, I was… I say “Jesus” a lot and I say “God” a lot. Yeah, I do the same. And it’s not because I’m trying to be offensive to religious people, nor trying to swear, it’s just… it’s kind of something that’s just said in English. I think I got it from you, actually. Like, we… when we’re shocked or surprised, we’ll say just, “Oh, Jesus!”, or we’ll say, “Oh my God!”, you know, like, you just say those… It’s kind of like a verbal tick, like an expression that’s used. So, I was saying those unwittingly, unknowingly, at dinner, and the next day, what happened? So, you got in the car.

I was… she would give me a lift to the bus station in the mornings. So, she was like really… I don’t know. She was really careful with her words. She was like, “Oh yeah, you know, like this is a Christian house and I don’t like swearing. So, if you guys can be more…” And, I was like, “I’m pretty sure Pete wasn’t swearing. So…”.

Yeah, I think I was making an active effort like “shit” or “fuck” or anything like that whilst talking with her. Yeah, and I normally don’t say… don’t swear, like, unless I’m with friends or something.

Or you hear them doing it. And that, I think, was the thing that confused me most, ’cause when you told me that, I was like, “I specifically remember her saying “shit” at the dinner table, and maybe even “fuck”, and dropping that.”, and that’s why I was so confused when you were like, “Yeah, she doesn’t like swearing.”.

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And we were, like, just confused. Like, what does she mean by ‘swearing’? Like we didn’t do that. So, then I went to work and she came back home, I don’t know, and she went to talk to you.

Yep. She sat me down and she went through the same spiel, and I was like, “Oh, here we go”, ’cause she told Quel. And I was like expecting it first, right. I was thinking, “Alright, she’s just Christian. She doesn’t like it.”. I didn’t think she was going to be absolutely bat-shit crazy. I did not expect for her to be bat-shit crazy. So, she sat me down and she’s like, “You know, this is a Christian household. I don’t like swearing”, and this is where I was thinking like, “I don’t remember swearing.”. Yeah. And then she said, “You can’t say the words ‘Jesus’ or ‘God’ in this house, because I believe in the power of prayer and it interrupts or interferes with my prayers, and the Holy Spirit gets confused”. Like, honestly if the Holy Spirit gets confused, that… you should rethink that, like…

Yeah, it’s a bit presumptive to think that God and the Holy Spirit and Jesus are going to get confused and not answer your prayers ,  ’cause two people in the house are using the words. But I think then the thing that freaked me out and really made me think, “Oh, this chick is nuts. This lady’s crazy!”, was when she was telling me about how she believed in the power of prayer to raise the dead. So, to bring people who have died back to life. “Not she wants to brag!”. And she said she had done it twice. She’d prayed twice and people had come back to life.

That’s really… That’s really crazy.

But I guess to put this in perspective, guys, and I don’t know how many listeners will be of the same faith, and I don’t mean to offend anyone who is of the same faith, you know, it’s probably just this old lady, but she was a Pentecostal Christian, and introduced herself that day, at least after we’d moved in, so too little too late. Yeah. After we’d paid all this money and settled in. She introduced herself as a “fundamentalist Pentecostal Christian”. Yeah, the combo. And it was weird because most people don’t refer to themselves as a fundamentalist anything, right. You know, that’d be like introducing yourself, as “Hi, I’m a cult leader.”.

Yeah, like, what? It was a bit strange. I don’t know. We don’t have any problems with religious people. Not at all. Like, my family’s Catholic. Like, my best friend was really for many years. The problem is she was just getting worse and worse and worse.

Well, that was the thing that really shat me, really annoyed me, was the fact that it wasn’t that she was Christian at all, I don’t care about that, but she kept pushing it on us. Yeah. She kept trying to sneakily get you to come to church. She kept trying to be like, “Did you want to come and do this, and then afterwards we can go to church?”. Yeah, she was like, “Oh, I’ve noticed you don’t have wear the clothes.”. I was like, “Yeah, like, I haven’t got paid so I’m waiting for my money to come through, and then I can go. Hopefully, winter will hold back a little bit.” She was like, “We go on the weekend and we can go to church or something…”.

And I was like, “Ehhhh…!”. There was a lot of that too, right, because she was saying, “Oh, this is a Christian house”. And then, later we find out that there’s only one other Christian living there. And so, she’s kind of just forcing her faith on everyone else.

And, like, there was a guy living there who had a boyfriend. So, he was gay, he was a homosexual, and she seemed to be at least, obviously, knew and tolerant. Yes, because I would talk about it all the time. But she won’t or wouldn’t allow him to have his boyfriend come to the house and visit.

So, stuff like that where it’s kind of like, “Oh, it’s a share house and you live here and you can do whatever you want. Oh, but you can’t if it’s against my faith, even though I’m not going to know or be here because I live upstairs in a different room.”.

I think for me the last straw was when the Brazilian couple went there. So, we became friends. Like, they needed a place to stay. It was like, “Yeah, you know, I’m living at his house and there’s so many rooms. You guys can come and talk to the lady. She seems to be nice. Just come.”. And they did, but I don’t know what happened, and she… they were supposed to stay for like a month or something, for three weeks, and after five or, you know, seven days. She accepted their money. Yeah, she accepted the money, and then she was like, “You know what, you guys have to leave. I have this other house, like, in the middle of nowhere that you can stay (at) if you want.”. Like, why are you doing that?

And that’s the reason we ended up leaving. It wasn’t because of her religion. You know, we tolerated her doing her thing. It was more the way that she treated the people living there, and she treated it like we were dolls on a shelf that she could just rearrange. “Recycle”. And… she kept referring to people as like, “Recycling them”, anytime she wanted to get people to leave the house, because she didn’t like them, because of some problem, or because she wanted them to move into a different room, because she thought, “I could get a couple to move into the room this other person’s in, and then up the rent and charge them more money. And then, I’ll be able to make more money”. Because that was the problem, I guess, ultimately for us was that she’s paying for the entire house, and then subletting to all of us, and she’s trying to make as much money as she can. So, she wouldn’t just get you into a room and let you stay there, at least, for some of the other people whilst living there. She would get into a room and you would sign up, you would pay your rent or whatever, and then afterwards, if things change with other people in the house. She would just move you. She would try and move you around, and switch you, and move rooms, and you’d… Yeah, it was very bizarre. Not really respectful.

And so, we had two people leave, and… because, I think, they were sick of it. Yeah. And just the way that she was very busy body. She was very yeah like, you know, I’m going to tell you what to do, where to go, how to move, and I think also she was very set on helping people, you know, in quotation marks. Not really helping them, but helping them in a way that makes her feel better. Yeah. So, for instance, she was saying apparently to some of the other housemates, “We need to find a real job, because he doesn’t have a real job”. And I was like, “She doesn’t know anything about me. How do you know that I’m not making billions of dollars from Aussie English. I could be a billionaire. You don’t know anything. You don’t know who I am!”. I just happen to like this house, you know? I’m not a billionaire.

Yeah, she was really, honestly, one of those people that they try… they do the wrong thing, they can be really nasty to you, but then, “Oh, you know, I had the best intentions, and like…”. Yeah. I was saying to Quel, I was like, “I think she is a really evil person’s idea of a good person.”. So, someone who is really horrible at heart, like, I think she’s… She’s good because she wants to be good, not because she’s genuinely good. She wants people to think she’s good. Yeah. So, it felt a lot more about, “I want people to feel like or think that I’m doing the right thing by other people, but then when it comes down to it, I’m doing everything for me and other people’s needs and wants don’t matter.”.

And so what happened with us? In fact, first, the Brazilian couple, she decided to kick them out, because one of them didn’t have a job yet, and they’d just moved to Canberra. But that girl has a job and they, you know, they… if they went there, they probably had money to pay for it. So… They offered to pay the rent. They offered to pay for everything. But she decided because he didn’t have a job yet, she wanted them out.

And for me, the worst was she kicked them out, and then, I think the next day she felt bad about it. I don’t know. And she was like, “Oh, you can have this fridge if you want. You can have this mattress.”. And then, the girl would get excited, like, “Oh, yeah, sure! I’m moving, like, I don’t have anything. I can definitely take it.”, and she was like, “$300. $500.”. Like, if you say, “You can have it if you want.”. You assume that you don’t have to pay for it. She was like “You can have it if you want.”, “Oh yeah, I’d love it.”, “Oh, it’s this much money.”. Yeah, so if you want to pay that’s what I forgot to say.

I think, too, the thing that really irritated me was that the fridge she was going to sell them was one she’d given us in our room and it didn’t work. Yep. And that felt really dodgy.

And it just… we are so nice, because… that… having this fridge in the room was one of the things, “Yeah! That’s awesome.”. And then, you got there. It wasn’t working, and you didn’t say anything. We were like, “Oh whatever.”. You know, we didn’t even care, because… yeah, it was really intense. It was a very very intense situation, but the worst thing, and the thing I guess I was most annoyed about, was that she was trying to get us to pay the next month’s rent two weeks early ,  because obviously, she wants to be in control and have money ahead of time. Yep. And we decided when she asked for that… So, that was two weeks. We decided to tell her, “Well, look, we think we’re going to move, ’cause we don’t really feel like this is where we want to live. So, we’ll stay here for the month. We’d given you the $1,800 for the month so after a month, we’ll move out.”, and she raged. Because… she got… she was furious.

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Yeah, she was really angry. And honestly, it really irritated me, ’cause I was being extremely polite to her. Like, “Hey, thank you! Thank you for everything. Like, it was nice to stay here. I’ll give you two options. We can leave in five days, and then you give the money back, or we can leave in two weeks, which is like more than enough for you to find someone else, and you don’t have pay us.”.

And I guess, the thing to mention, the thing we’d worked out whilst… when we told her that, we had found the place that we’re currently living in, and had accepted that. And so, we were okay. Yeah. The problem was that we couldn’t move in for a week. Yes. Yes. And it was also that, yeah, we had two weeks more at this other place. So, we were like, “Yeah, we’ll just stay up until the date, and fair enough, we said that we would stay here for a month. Keep the money. Keep the money, yeah. And we’ll move to the new place.”. She didn’t want us there anymore. She was just like, “You know what? You’re leaving in five days.”.

No, it was even less. She decided to back track the rent and increase it per day, the per daily rate, so that she could kick us out. So, instead of paying for a month, you pay for 18 days. Yeah, she said, “Oh well, because you guys only want to stay for a month. I’ve decided to charge you 100 dollars a day, so you have to be out after 18 days.”, which was like three days after we’d told her.

Yes, the funny thing… like, thank God we were going to Ocean Grove for the weekend. So, you know, we had a place to stay otherwise we’d be like, “Okay, so we’re not… What are we going to do, because of this crazy person’s kicking us out?”.

The funny thing was we kind of pretty much packed up the car when we drove back to Ocean Grove for Easter all the way down in Geelong in Victoria. So, we pretty much brought all of our stuff back with us, anything of value, because I was like, “I don’t trust this lady. I don’t want her to have any control over us and go into our room and take things.”. I mean everything, computers or the camera. Yeah, anything worth anything. Except the clothes. She can have those.

Yeah. So, we ended up getting kicked out after 18 days. So, she effectively owed us $720. She does. And we could have stayed, we could have fought it, but obviously it was so uncomfortable at that point that we just didn’t want to bother. Yeah, like… And our friends had said, “Just come and stay with us.”.

Yeah, at the beginning, I was like, “You know, like, I’m not giving in. I want my money back and everything”, but then we realised, it’s just not worth it, it’s just money, you know. Like, I don’t want to be around this person. She would be completely nasty to us, and I just want to deal with that.

And, we hadn’t signed anything too. That was the part that really irritated me, was that she said, “Don’t you remember me telling you that if you were going to only stay for a month…” And it was like, you didn’t say that. You’re saying that now because you’re annoyed that we want to move out, because, you know, a few other people have moved out at the same time, you’re not making enough money to pay for the rent without going into your own savings. Absolutely.

And so, yeah, but I guess one lesson to you guys, if you guys end up having issues with landlords, you can go to what’s called the Fair… I think it’d be Fair Rental or Fair Housing Work… no, not work, Ombudsman. So, you’d be able to go to other Ombudsman in whatever state you’re in. And if someone’s doing something dodgy to you, don’t just take it, ring up and ask for advice. Yeah. ‘Cause I found out afterwards too, after doing some research, that actually we could have stayed because the documents that we had signed said that she had received the money for a month, $1,800 for a month. There was nothing else in it saying that if we decided to leave after a month that she could change the rules. Yeah, absolutely. So, we could have stayed if we wanted to, but the trouble was as soon as we moved out, we would have no due course to complain or to go back, ’cause we had willingly and purposely moved out.

And maybe… we were a bit naive as well. Like… We rushed into it. Yeah, we were like, “Oh, yeah, it looks really nice. let’s do it.”. So, if you guys can just ask as many questions as you can. Just… and make sure everything’s really well explained.

And that’s the trouble, though, because I feel like… you… those sorts of questions are so hard. Like, if I’d gone back, I would have said,” Are you religious? Are there any sorts of…?”. But even then, 99% of the religious people I know are normal. And you don’t have any problem with religious people. Like, that’s not something that would… So, it’s difficult. You can’t just be like, “Are you a fruit loop?”. Yeah. “Are you crazy? Can you just let us know ahead of time?”. “Do you speak in tongues?”, “Are you nuts?”. Yeah. “Have you ever brought someone back from the dead?”, “Just to make sure”. Yeah, that’s it. “Without bragging, can you tell me?”. Yeah, it’s really hard. You can’t think… You know, you can’t really, “Okay, this prison is extremely weird so assume that it’s a horrible person”, maybe not. Maybe they’re really funny and nice. I don’t know, just make sure you sign… you read everything you sign, and don’t… yeah, don’t be naive.

Yeah, that’s it. So, that was the experience in this previous house, guys. And, I guess, it was funny because Quel and I were watching a, I guess, a Walking with Pete kind of vlog/video that I had made this day after we had accepted moving into this house, and my… what I say on there, you’ll see when it goes up on YouTube eventually, I’m very positive about my thoughts about this place. And I’m like, “You know, this old lady, she seems a bit weird, but…”. You even said that she was lovely. Yeah, that’s it. “Oh, but she’s probably lovely, and we’re going to move in, and it’s going to be good, and it’s crazy, because it’s this old mansion, the Pakistani embassy.”.

Little did I know. Quel and I were both watching this video and Quel’s like, “Don’t do it! Don’t do it! She’s going to kill you! She’s a witch!”.

Yeah, so. Oh, it was funny. But where are we now, Quel, and how has it been, you know, three days, two days in? We found another place. Yeah. Yeah, seems alright so far. Been here for like three days, four days. Yeah, something like that. Yeah, it’s a bit hard for me,’cause I have… now have to take two buses to work, but honestly, like, just coming back home and being… Peace of mind is a bit better. It’s fine. Like, we have a dog and everyone seems alright. Like, the girl is lovely, the guy who lives here is alright. These people are both our age and really friendly, especially, Elena, the girl who we’re renting from.

So, I thought that was a good idea, because we would have someone our age who we. could be friends with, and chill out with, and have stuff in common with. So, it seems to be working out. Knock on wood. You know. Maybe. Just in case. Maybe she’ll come to us tomorrow and tell us that she’s, you know, a fundamentalist Buddhist or something crazy. “I’ve changed the rules!”. But, it seems to be. going alright.

Yeah, I’m really enjoying it, and it’s a nice area as well, like, it’s a. nice area as well. Like, the apartment’s a bit small. It’s definitely smaller, and we have a share bathroom. Yeah, so… But, it’s not that bad to be honest. It’s definitely cheaper. We’re saving, like, 100 bucks a week now. So, 400 bucks a month, which is worth it, I guess, to put into savings, and put towards other things, whether it’s our own food, or, get to chill out. Yeah, I like it here. Let’s see what happens. Exactly.

Well, we should probably finish up there, I guess. We’ve been talking for almost 50 minutes. But, I thought it would be good to have you on the podcast again, and I guess, give the listeners more of a… an experience listening to us talking in a conversation. So, I hope you guys enjoy this episode. I hope you guys got a lot out of it. Lot’s of vocab in there.

Yeah, hope I didn’t say anything wrong. Yeah, that’s it, hopefully, you didn’t get too offended by our views on this old lady and the occasional swear word in there. I’m trying to swear a little more often in these podcasts. Not because I don’t swear normally, but because I swear normally, and I have been trying to keep keep it off the podcasts as much as possible, but I think I’ve realised that it’s not… I want exposure to real English and I want show you how I actually speak, especially, in informal friendly conversations and environments. So, don’t be offended if you hear the word, you know, shit, fuck, cunt. That’ll happen from time to time. Menino! É doido! (Boy! You’re crazy!”)

But, I guess, as a disclaimer that if you’re ever in doubt with regards to swear words in English… Say it! NO! Don’t say it. Don’t say it. If you’re ever in doubt, don’t say it. Joking! And feel free to ask me, guys. If you ever have a situation arise where you’re like, “Well, I heard this and I wasn’t sure if it was okay, or I felt like I want to say this, but I don’t know if it’s okay.”, feel free to ask me.

But, yeah. That’s it. Thanks for hanging out, guys, and we will try to do more like this in the future. Bye! See you, guys!


Alright, guys, so that was the interview. I hope you enjoyed it. I hope you though that it was an interesting story. I hope you got a lot out of it. And I would love to know what you think of it, guys.

So, make sure that you comment on Facebook or on the website and let me know. Was this lady crazy, or maybe she was normal and we just deserved to be turfed out? Thanks, guys, and I’ll chat to you in the next one. See ya!

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