AE 337 – 1 Simple Tip To Sound Australian: The Intrusive R

Learn the Australian accent in this episode of Aussie English where I teach you 1 simple tip to sound Australian: The Intrusive R.

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AE 337 – 1 Simple Tip To Sound Australian:

The Intrusive R

G’day guys. Welcome to this episode of Aussie English.

Today we’re going to be talking about R insertion in the Australian accent. Let’s go.

So, you guys might have noticed that in the Australian accent sometimes we insert R’s, the letter R, where it shouldn’t be.

So, the intrusive R is added into sentences where there is no R at the end of a word or at the start of a word in order to link to vowels.

So, for example “The tuna is mine.” Or “I saw it yesterday.”

So, this just improves the flow, guys.

So, when a word ends with an “ah” or “aw” vowel sound and the next word after it starts with another vowel we insert the intrusive R to link the words together.

It sounds weird to say “The tuna is mine” or “I saw it yesterday”.

And so, we put that R in to make it flow better. “The tuna_r_is mine”, “I saw_r_it yesterday”.

Let’s go through some examples, guys, and practice your pronunciation so you can sound just like a native speaker.

So, I’m going to say the following sentences disconnected.

So, it’s not going to be connected speech.

And then, the following sentence I’m going to connect it all together using the intrusive R.

Treat this as a substitution exercise, guys, or as a listen and repeat exercise.

Let’s go.

Listen & Repeat:

Australia is huge.

Australia_r_is huge.


This picture. I draw it.

This picture. I draw_r_it.


That Quokka is so cute.

That Quokka_r_is so cute.


He saw it all happen.

He saw_r_it all happen.


The Yakuza are Japanese.

The Yakuza_r_are Japanese.


NASA organised a rocket launch.

NASA_r_organised a rocket launch.


I’m going to thaw out the frozen fish.

I’m going to thaw_r_out the frozen fish.


The zebra eats grass.

The zebra_r_eats grass.


The cat’s claw is broken.

The cat’s claw_r_is broken.


This favela is massive.

This favela_r_is massive.


So, I know in quite a few of these examples, guys, it is relatively subtle, that R that intrudes, that intrusive R that that’s placed between these words to link them together.

But keep practicing it, guys, and I think you’re going to notice that your speech will flow a lot more readily.

You’re going to connect the speech when you speak, and it’s going to come out of you, and you’re going to sound a lot more like a native.

Anyway guys, that’s enough for now.

I’ll see you all soon. All the best.

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