AE 330: The 24 Australian English Consonants

Learn Australian English in this episode of Aussie English where I teach you to pronounce all 24 Australian English consonants like a native.

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AE 330: The 24 Australian English Consonants

G’day guys. Welcome to this episode of Aussie English.

Today, I’m and I teach you all the different consonant sounds in English.

There’s quite a few, but specifically, I’m going to teach you how to pronounce them in Australian English.

Let’s go.

So, let’s start with oral plosives, guys.

These are consonants where the air gets pushed out of the mouth like that, “push”, and you’ll feel it.

A trick is to hold your hand in front of your mouth when you say these things, and if you feel a sudden bit of air hit your hand as you say these consonants you’re doing it correctly.

Let’s go.

/p/ – Pat. Pot. Pink.

/t/ – Tin. Tank. Teach.

/k/ – Cap. Keep. King.

/b/ – Bat. Bring. Buy.

/d/ – Dot. Date. Dark.

/g/ – Go. Green. Gap.

Now let’s talk about affricatives, and these consonants /ch/ and /dj/.

/tʃ/ – Choose. Change. Tune.

/dʒ/ – Judge. Jolt. Jump.

Now, let’s do fricatives, guys. Things like /f/ and /v/, /θ/ and /ð/. They can be unvoiced like /θ/, /f/, /s/ or they can be voiced like, /ð/, /v/, /z/

/f/ – Fan. Fork. Fair.

/v/ – Van. Vote. Vent.

/θ/ – Think. Through. Thank.

/ð/ – These. Those. That.

/s/ – So. Said. Sent.

/z/ – Zoo. Zinc. Zip.

/ʃ/ – She. Shake. Shore.

/ʒ/ – Beige. Massage. Garage.

/h/ – He. Hate. Hair.

Now let’s do nasal consonants, guys, like /n/ /m/ /ŋ/.

/m/ – My. Make. Mate.

Mate. G’day mate! Mate.

/n/ – No. Knot. Neck.

/ŋ/ – Bang. Thing. Thongs.

Aussies love their thongs.

And to finish up approximates, and these are ones that are close to vowel sounds like /w/ and /j/.

/w/ – We. Wait. Watch

/j/ – You. Young. Yet.

/l/ – Leaf. Late. Link.

/ɹ/ – Run. Rent. Rope.

So, there’ll the consonants guys. I hope you enjoy the episode.

Remember, go over it again and again and again. Make sure you practice the ones that you’re finding most difficult and your pronunciation is going to rapidly improve.

Keep at it guys. Keep working hard. You got this in the bag!

And, I’ll chat to you soon. See ya guys!


G’day guys. Thanks for watching the video.

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Thanks so much guys. Stay awesome. All the best.

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