AE 280 – WWP: Future Plans For AE. What Do You Think?

Learn Australian English in this Walking With Pete episode of Aussie English where I chat about the future plans for AE and ask you what you think!

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AE 280 – WWP: Future Plans For AE. What Do You Think?

What’s up guys? Welcome to this episode of Walking with Pete.

(I) thought I would do this on the way in to have brunch with my friends Emily and Andy.

They were the ones who’s wedding I went to recently.

I can’t remember if I posted some photos up on Instagram while I was there at the wedding.

I think I did. But, yeah, (they are) some of my friends who got married in the Dandenong Ranges.

And the Dandenong Ranges are a series of mountains outside of Melbourne.

So it’s beautiful out there with really really big trees. It’s all forested.

So, (I’m) going to Hot Poppy to have brunch with them. And brunch is the meal between breakfast and lunch.

Hence “br-unch”, breakfast-lunch, brunch. So, I’ve just sort of come out of my house.

It’s bloody cold. It’s really cold. Well at least for a Melbournian. For me it’s cold.

It’s probably about five or six degrees, and really foggy today. It’s kind of bizarre.

I can’t see any of the buildings in the city and even the buildings in the hospital nearby I can’t see because of the fog.

So, it’s funny that the fog has lingered this long as it normally disappears pretty quickly once the sun comes up.

But, yeah, so I had a few things to talk about today and I thought I would try to do some more Walking With Pete episodes as it had been a while since I’ve really done them. I’ve been a bit busy with the PhD.

(I) finally submitted that though. So, I have a little more spare time to do this sort of stuff. And yeah, what else?

I’ve been busy with a few other things, just work and life in general, but I know you guys like Walking With Pete episodes where I talk to you as if you’re standing next to me walking with me, just like a friend.

So that you can practice your English. But, I guess to give you a bit of an update with Aussie English, I’ve got some things that I’m thinking about at the moment.

Sort of the next step. What to do.

So, obviously, you guys know that I have the Aussie English Supporter Pack, which is a weekly pack of bonus material that goes with the expression episodes that come out every Sunday.

So obviously you get the exercises in there to help you learn the language and the English that’s used in each lesson a little more thoroughly.

So I focus on, you know, the pronunciation, expressions, these, you know, we do the substitution exercise with phrasal verbs, and a little point of grammar.

But I’m trying to think constantly what else can I do? What else can I add? How else can I help you guys accelerate learning in English, and specifically obviously Australian English?

And more recently, I’ve been thinking about putting together a membership website.

So like as opposed to where the Aussie English Supporter Pack is… It’s a membership, but it’s just for, obviously, the weekly episodes where you get all the bonus content.

I would love to have an entire online experience, an online website that effectively becomes a one-stop shop for everyone and anyone learning Australian English.

What do I mean by this? I guess basically I mean that you would have all sorts of extra content in a data library in the membership.

So you would have courses on Australian pronunciation, on spoken contractions, on the history of Australia, on all sorts of things like that that are about… oh (I’ve) just got to run across the road!

All sorts of things like that that are about Australia, about the Australian language, about our history, about our culture.

All of those sorts of bonus exercises for each episode, that I can just build this huge library of resources online for people to sign up and use to try and allow people to have a community as well where they can go and just focus 100 percent on Australian English, and improving their spoken Australian English.

So more recently I’ve been trying to think about how I can implement that.

How I can sort of get started with that. And one idea was to start with 30 day challenges.

So I was thinking that I could do a 30-day challenge with Australian slang where I would pick maybe thirty or so commonly used Australian slang terms that I use, that other Australians use.

And you learn one day.

You get like an MP3 File talking about it, and talking about how do you use it, and also with a few exercises in an e-mail every day for 30 days.

And also you’d get like a PDF with that MP3 file, obviously.

And so, not only will I be able to help people who just want a bit of motivation, they want to, you know, practice their Australian slang, but then I can also add that 30 day challenge, all of the material from that, to the online library, the Australian, you know, English membership site that I will have created at the end of every challenge that I create.

And so it sort of… it motivates me to do it little bit by little bit.

I’m helping people at the same time as well as, I guess, reaching more people, and encouraging more people to be involved in the Aussie English community.

And then I can put it all into the library at the end of each month that I create this stuff, and slowly build it online.

So, where for instance, if you wanted access to the entire 30 day course straight away you could just sign up straight away to that to get access to it or you can go through the 30 day thing.

But then obviously, if you want all the other previous 30 day courses or challenges then they would also all be in the in the online membership site as well, as well as all this other bonus stuff that I would put together bit by bit piece by piece.

And I think Australian interviews I want to do a lot of Australian interviews whenever I sort of go around and travel around and talk to Aussies.

Anyway these are all ideas just going around in my head. Obviously, the reason I’m talking about it… lot of noise.

Hopefully you guys can hear me.

The main reason I’m wanting to talk about this stuff is because at the end of the day I can have all these ideas, I can think they’re all great, I can think of perfect ideas, but I need to put them out there so that you guys can give me feedback and tell me what you think, what you want, what’s going to be useful for you, because all of this content really is made for you.

So, make sure you let me know what you think. Give me some feedback.

I want to serve you guys I want to help you guys learn Australian English as fast as possible, as fun as possible, and in a community.

I really want to get people involved and talking with one another and interacting and, you know, just make it a lot more fun.

So, they’re the sort of ideas at the moment.

That’s where things stand. That’s how things are.

Aside from that, I guess, and it’s a little bit further into the future, when the online membership, you know, I don’t even know what I’m going to call it.

I’d probably call it something like Aussie English Academy or Aussie English Club or something like that.

I was thinking about I can also gamify it.

You know, this is further down the track, further down the road, but eventually I would love to be able to gamify the learning experience.

What I mean by this?

So you would have all of these different courses in the Aussie English membership website. You would have all of this material online.

And if I gamify that material it would show, you know, you would sign up, you would get a membership, and then you could say make an avatar, make a character for that membership that you sign up (for), that would be you, that would be unique, you know, you get to create it.

And then on top of that, you could… you get points, effectively, for all of the content that you go through.

So whether it’s finishing a course. Whether it’s listening to a podcast episode.

Every sort of… every little bit of work that you do you gain points.

And then I was thinking that it’d be good if I can find ways of allowing you to turn those points that you earn through consuming content into products or services that you could then use to continue learning Australian English.

So, for example, if you went through, I don’t know, a course on Australian slang, and you finish it and you earn a thousand points.

It’d be really cool if I could turn those thousand Points into say a half an hour lesson with an Australian English speaker, whether it’s me or someone else.

So that, not only are you motivated to finish the course because of the sort of gamification, earning points, but then you can redeem these points, you can turn these points into something else that will further your English.

So that you could take these points and get a book, an Australian book, or you take these points and you get a lesson with an Australian speaker.

They’re these ideas that are going around in my head.

I think, ultimately, the way that languages are taught at the moment in classes and via books is becoming more and more redundant I feel.

I feel like everything’s moving online, everything’s moving to self-paced learning where you’re in control of how much you do, how often you do it.

And so that’s why I’m sort of thinking about these ideas and wanting to talk to you guys about these ideas to see what you think, because yeah, I want your feedback.

I want to see what you guys think, and if you guys think this would be effective and a great way of learning Australian English.

Anyway. Those are the ideas. Let me know what you think guys, whether it’s in a comment on Facebook or send me a message.

Maybe I’m crazy or maybe I’ve got my finger on the pulse, and I am, you know, incredibly aligned with what you guys want.

But ultimately I really really want your feedback.

I want you to tell me what you think, what’s important to you, how do you want to learn Australian English, how do you want me to teach you Australian English, what can I do to improve your learning experience.

You know, I’m always looking for constructive feedback.

So, I am almost at Hot Poppy on Errol Street. It’s a cafe.

I’m about to see my friends Em and Andy.

I might leave it there and chat to you guys soon.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode. I hope you guys having a killer week.

I hope it’s a little warmer where you guys are than it is here. And I’ll see you soon.

Peace out!

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