AE 268 – How To Form Aussie Slang Words Ending With ‘O’

Learn Australian English in this episode of Aussie English where I teach you how to form Aussie slang words ending with ‘O’.

AE 268 – How To Form Aussie Slang Words Ending With ‘O’

G’day guys.

Welcome to this episode of Aussie English.

Today, I want to talk to you about slang terms in English that end with the letter ‘O’.

Let’s go.

So there are many many slang terms in Australian English.

And with the letter ‘O’.

I don’t know why we use the letter ‘O’.

It just sounds good.

But there is a kind of pattern that you’re going to see repeated again and again and again.

This video’s going to be more about how we do that, and how we can make these words, and what to listen for.

The following video is going to go over a list of maybe 30 or so of these words.

So, we make these words by keeping the first syllable of a word and then just adding an ‘O’ to the end of it.

So, ‘Afternoon’ becomes ‘Arvo’.

We just keep that ‘Arv-‘ of at the start and put an ‘O’ on the end.

‘Arvo’. ‘Arvo’.

And that’s a ‘V’ sound.


What about ‘Aggressive’?

How do you think that one goes?



We’ve just kept ‘Agg(r)’ and we’ve put an ‘O’ on the end.


What about ‘Garbage collector’, ‘A garbage collector’ or ‘A garbage man’?

Someone who picks up garbage.

What do you think the first part of that word is going to be?


So, it becomes ‘Garbo’.

My dad works as a ‘Garbo’.

‘Garbos’ woke me up this morning ‘Garbo’, or ‘Garbos’.

We make it plural with the ‘S’.

What about ‘Documentary’?

What do you think ‘Documentary’ becomes?


And we’ll do one more for this video ‘Service station’.

‘A service station’ like a petrol station where you go and get petrol for your car.

What do you think ‘A service station’ becomes?

A ‘Servo’.


‘Service station’.



So that’s it guys.

Any time you hear these words that sound like slang words one way to think about it could be:

What’s the context?

How was the word used?

And then what could the first part of that word represent?

‘Agro’ = ‘Aggressive’.

‘Arvo’ = ‘Afternoon’.

‘Doco’ = ‘Documentary’.

‘Garbo’ = ‘Garbage man’.

See you in the next video guys.