Interview: Pete & Shana Discuss – Dating

This is an interview episode with my friend Shana who is an ESL teacher. In this episode we discuss the topic of dating as well as the numerous words and expressions used to refer to it in the US and Australia. We are hoping to do more of these episodes in the future on other interesting topics.

So let me know what you think of today’s episode either here or on the Facebook page, and if you have any other topics you’d like us to discuss then please let me know!

Vocabulary list:

To make out – to kiss
To pick up on (someone) (US) – to hook up with, to have physical relations with someone, i.e. kissing, etc.
To pick up (someone) (Aus) – to hook up with, to have physical relations with someone, i.e. kissing, etc.
To hit on – to make sexual advances towards someone.
Blind date – A date where people have been set up by friends and have never seen one another before.
Matchmaker – someone who matches two people to go on a date, etc.
Set up – when a friend or friends has organized a date for two people.
Dating – To be seeing someone romantically on a regular basis (the stage before being “together” or being in a relationship.
Single (and ready to mingle) – Said when you are a single person ready to meet other single people.
To cross paths – to meet, to come across by chance.
Fate – the development of events outside of a person’s control; destiny.
A soul mate – a person ideally suited to another as a close friend or romantic partner.
To hit it off – to get along very well
To ask out (on a date) – to ask someone to go on a date with you.
To break the ice – to do or say something to relieve tension or to get conversation going in a situation or when strangers meet.
To hookup – to pick up, to make out, etc.
To have game – to be talented at talking to the opposite sex.

The bases – 4 bases – (from baseball) said when referencing how far you got when hooking up with someone.
• 1st – kissing
• 2nd – touching or feeling above the waist.
• 3rd – touching or feeling below the waist.
• 4th base / home base – to sleep with someone / to have sex.
A gold-digger – someone who is in a relationship with someone else only because they have a lot of money.
To go all the way – to sleep with someone / to have sex with someone.
To get some – To get some physical action from / with someone.

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