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Lesson 3, Topic 19
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æ – e.g. had, whack

Peter Smissen January 29, 2018
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Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

had – hæd 
mad – mæd 
stab – stæb 
glad – glæd 
map – mæp 
hat – hæt 
cat – kæt 
fat – fæt 
plat – plæt 
hack – hæk 
hacked – hækt 
whack – wæk
whacked – wækt 
knack – næk 
mat – mæt 
clap – klæp

æ – Tongue Twisters

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. This lad had a cat to pat.
  2. The yapping lap dog got zapped.
  3. I had to look at the fat bat clapping.
  4. She wrapped a cap of matt black wax.
  5. My comrade was glad to have a rad new pad.
  6. The chap had a crappy map that took him off track.
  7. The bad graduate had got mad and stabbed at his bag.
  8. She stacked a sack of cracked black fat on the yack’s back.
  9. The cat whacked his back with a pack of black trackie dacks (tracksuit pants).
  10. The gnat took a nap in a crack or gap in the scrap of Glad Wrap (cling wrap).