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A Weekly Taste of Oz


“Dawn Waterhouse and Heather Henderson have clocked up an extraordinary 189 years between them. Most of them spent in Canberra, where they’ve had a front row seat to many of the city’s milestone moments.”

Credit: ABC News (Australia)


“”I Am Australian” (or “We Are Australian”) is a popular Australian song written in 1987 by Bruce Woodley of the Seekers and Dobe Newton of the Bushwackers. Its lyrics are filled with many historic and cultural references, such as to the “digger”, Albert Namatjira and Ned Kelly, among others. Its popularity has allowed it to join the ranks of other patriotic songs considered as alternatives to the Australian national anthem, “Advance Australia Fair”. It is commonly taught in primary schools. In the years since the song’s release, there have been calls for it to become Australia’s national anthem, notably in 2011 by former Victorian Premier Jeff Kennett.”

Credit: Wikipedia Rich963


“The fight to save Australia’s endangered species. Australia boasts a stunning array of unique wildlife. They feature on our coat of arms and they’re placed front and centre in our tourism campaigns.

But the reality is, many of our native animals are in danger. Australia has one of the worst extinction rates on the planet and the problem is growing. There are currently more than 500 animal species under threat.

Four Corners investigates how Australia has found itself in the midst of an extinction crisis. There is heated debate over who is responsible and what lengths governments should go to, to save these threatened species. Four Corners goes into the field with leading scientists and conservation volunteers to document first hand the fight to save these wild creatures.

Our camera captures precious pictures of some of these endangered animals. With money in short supply, many rescue efforts are reliant on volunteers and crowdfunding. Ecologists say these species are just as priceless as a work of art and should be protected in the same way. They warn that species extinction will have consequences for us all.”

Credit: ABC News In-Depth