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A Weekly Taste of Oz


“Deciding to become a parent is a big decision for many people, particularly those who live with disability.

It’s not just about finding the right equipment and support services. Parents with disability often struggle to connect with others they can relate to, and share the ups and downs of having children. Ahead of International Day of People with Disability this week, reporter Nas Campanella meets three vision impaired mothers finding their own way.”

Credit: ABC News

TV Show:

I’ve recently become somewhat addicted to these TV shows where Australian gold and opal miners are followed as they aim to make it rich.

They’re great TV shows if you want to get used to Aussie slang, strong accents, and see more of the Outback!

Credit: Aussie Gold & Opal Hunters


Lauren Burns fought tooth and nail to find her anonymous sperm donor father.

She was then instrumental in campaigning for world-first retrospective legislation to give all donor-conceived children in Victoria the right to identify their donor, irrespective of anonymity promises made in the past.

Seven years after Australian Story first profiled Lauren, she is back campaigning again, fearing the achievements she and other donor-conceived children made are being wound back by the Victorian government.

Now, as she steps into parenthood for the first time, she finds herself haunted by the past.”

Credit: ABC News In-Depth