Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

Tall –toːl
Hit – hɪt
Twist – twɪst
Tilt – tɪlt
Bent – bent
Whittle – ˈwɪtl
Duct – dɐkt
Next – nekst
Bolts – bɔlts
Jots – ʤɔts
Except – ɪkˈsept
Laughed – lɐːft

Tongue Twisters:

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. It‘s the next tattoo Tyler gets.
  2. Too many Tim Tams gets you fat.
  3. Tim’s tending to the tiger’s teeth.
  4. Don’t accept the tiles that are bent.
  5. Timber tiles were set onto the table.
  6. Ted’s toes learnt not to twist too much.
  7. Turn to the left if Tim tells you to tomorrow.
  8. Tiny Tina and twisted Tom tap together their feet.
  9. It‘s time the forest‘s trees were cut and taken to town.
  10. Beetles took to the turf to type twenty two tough techniques.