Reducing: DO & DOES

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Reducing: DO & DOES – In Questions

So, DO, DOES, and DID, are a bit tricky. In different examples, they can completely contract, in other examples, you will just use the schwa /ə/ sound, that /ə/ to reduce these words.

Let’s go.

Do – Do
dʉː – də

Does – Does
dɐz – dəz

Do I – Do I
dʉː ɑe – d(ə)ɑe

Do you – Do you – Do you
dʉː jʉː – də jʉː – ʤʉː

Does he – Does he
dɐz hiː – dəz(h)iː

Does she – Does she
dɐz ʃiː – də[z]ʃiː

Do we – Do we
dʉː wiː – də wiː

Do they – Do they
dʉː ðæɪ – də ðæɪ

Does it – Does it
dɐz ɪt – dəzɪt