Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

Ring – rɪŋ
Singer – ˈsɪŋɐ
Thank – θæŋk
Banging – ˈbæŋɪŋ
Strangle – ˈstræŋgl
Tango – ˈtæŋgəʉ
Younger – ˈjɐŋ
Swing – swɪŋ
Strong – strɔŋ
Lung – lɐŋ

Tongue Twisters:

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. Ringing the swinging wing.
  2. Sing the song for King Kong.
  3. Playing ping pong is going wrong.
  4. When Chang banged the dong it rang.
  5. Strong men mingle angrily when hungry.
  6. Anguishing over languishing mangled lungs.
  7. Strangling jungle mongoose in Bengal cures hangovers.
  8. Asking younger uncles to swing bowling balls is annoying.
  9. Eating then climbing isn’t as challenging as fishing in Wyoming.
  10. The younger tango dancer was stronger the longer he was prancing.