Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

Me – m
Man – mæn
Team – tiːm
Murmur – ˈmɜːmɐ
Tempt – tempt
Magma – ˈmægmɐ
Mums – mɐmz
Smack – smæk
Bump – bɐmp
Bomb – bɔm

Tongue Twisters:

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. It’s amazing mixing mum‘s many mixtures.
  2. Mary manipulated magma to murder Morris.
  3. Mark how many amazon dummies you made.
  4. Remember to smack and bump many worms.
  5. Jimmy jumped the pygmy mummy in the maze.
  6. The grumpy grandma has yummy gummy bears.
  7. Multiple macabre zombies in comas are harmless.
  8. Matthew may measure the maximum number of hammocks.
  9. She jammed the pram with spam, gizmos, and mottled magpies.
  10. The man murmured and muttered unmentionable memories to me.