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Linking: HAVE & HAS

Peter Smissen January 19, 2019
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Linking: HAS & HAVE

Now, we’ll go over this more when we talk about connected speech in later videos, but for now, pay attention to how the contractions are linking with the following words. Have a listen.

Consonant + Vowel
He’s‿opened‿a business.
hiːz‿ˈəʉpənd‿ə ˈbɪznɪs

I’ve‿always lived‿here.
ɑev‿ˈoːlwæɪz lɪvd‿[h]ɪə

Kel’s‿opened her present.
kelz‿ˈəʉpənd hɜː ˈpreznt

The cats’ve‿eaten‿all their food.
ðə kætsəv‿ˈiːtn‿oːl ðeː fʉːd

Consonant + Consonant
She’s‿sifted‿the flour.
ʃiːz‿ˈsɪftɪd‿ðə ˈflæɔə

Consonant + Consonant