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Linking: AM, ARE & IS

Peter Smissen January 19, 2019
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Linking: AM, ARE, & IS

So, we’ll go over this more when we talk about connected speech, but for now I want you to pay attention to how the contracted words are linking to the following words. Okay?

So, listen and repeat after me.

Consonant Consonant

Linking R
You’re‿reading‿a book.
joːr‿ˈriːdɪŋ‿ə bʊk

Consonant Consonant
She’s‿zeroing‿in‿her skills.
ʃiːz‿ˈzɪərəʊɪŋ‿ɪn‿[h]ɜː skɪlz

Linking R
We’re‿offering to help.
weːr‿ˈɔfərɪŋ tə help

Consonant + Vowel
That’s‿all‿I know.
ðætsoːl‿ɑe nəʉ

Linking R
These’re‿our dolls.
ˈðiːzər‿æɔ dɔlz

Consonant + Vowel
Someone’s‿at‿the door.
ˈsɐmwɐnz‿æ[t]‿ðə doː