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Australian English Pronunciation

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  1. An Introduction to the IPA
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  2. Vowels: Pronunciation Tutorials
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  3. Vowels: Pronunciation Exercises
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  4. Vowels: Minimal Pairs
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  5. Consonants: Pronunciation Tutorials
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  6. Consonants: Pronunciation Exercises
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  7. Consonants: Minimal Pairs
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  8. 3 Pronunciations of Past Participles: -ED
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Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

Let – let
Tall – toːl
Late – læɪt
Belt – belt
Waltz – woːls
Sleep – sliːp
Bulk – bɐlk
Little – ˈlɪtl
Ladle – ˈlæɪdl
Help – help
Holes – hɔlz

Tongue Twisters:

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. Let licked lollipops lightly lie in holes.
  2. Leah waltzed leisurely late last festival.
  3. It looks like a little lego lamb loving wolf.
  4. Lenny lent Lara’s lumpy axil to Florence.
  5. The Hulk looked at Laura’s plum sneakily.
  6. Eleven little animals lay on eleven elves’ laps.
  7. The owl‘s claw left little lines on the lizard’s limbs.
  8. Luke lost his felt clip in a lake in Laos’s lost jungle.
  9. Koalas laugh heartily whilst looking at long eucalyptus leaves.
  10. Plumbers love plumbing solid black buildings full of faulty pipelines.