Listen to the audio file and repeat these words aloud.

Cab – kæb
Lack – læk
Crack – kk
Scat – skæt
Scrape – skræɪp
Lurk – lɜːk
Cocky – ˈkɔk
Blacken – ˈblækən
Stacked – stækt
Click – kk

Tongue Twisters:

Practice phrases to read out loud:

  1. Chicks check Chris’s pecks out.
  2. The earthquake scared the joker.
  3. Cocky crabs click their crusty claws.
  4. Keep pinkish milk trucks working weekly.
  5. Christian flicked the flock of lurking creatures.
  6. Bulky geckos gawk at funky ducks mockingly.
  7. Hunks of chocolate come from chunks of cacao.
  8. Cock jokes cause blokes to cackle uncontrollably.
  9. Clara kicks blackish pink cabbages and coconuts.
  10. Chrystal coughed up a cacophony of creepy crazy creatures.