Contracting: MODAL VERBS + NOT

Contracting: MODAL VERBS + NOT

Alright. So, in this video we’re going to go over MODAL VERBS and NOT. So, MODAL VERBS getting negated: CAN NOT, WOULD NOT, COULD NOT.

Now, where you can contract the MODAL VERB in the case of WILL or WOULD, it sounds a bit strange to say ‘I’ll not’ or ‘I’d not’. The more natural one is ‘I wouldn’t’ or ‘I won’t’. So, with that in mind, let’s go through some examples.

Can not/cannot – can’t – can’[t]
kæn nɔt – kɐːnt – kɐːn[t]

Could not – couldn’t – couldn’[t]
kʊd nɔt – ˈkʊdnt – ˈkʊdn[t]

Must not – mustn’t – mustn’[t]
mɐst nɔt – ˈmɐs(t)nt – ˈmɐs(t)n[t]

Shall not – shan’t – shan’[t]
ʃæl nɔt – ʃɐːnt – ʃɐːn[t]

Will not – won’t – won’[t]
wɪl nɔt – wəʉnt – wəʉn[t]

Would not – wouldn’t – wouldn’[t]
wʊd nɔt – ˈwʊdnt – ˈwʊdn[t]

Should not – shouldn’t – shouldn’[t]
ʃʊd nɔt – ʃʊdnt – ʃʊdn[t]

Might not – mightn’t – mightn’[t]
mɑet nɔt – mɑetnt – mɑe[t]n[t]