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Contracting: HAD – Example Sentences

Peter Smissen January 19, 2019
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Contracting: HAD – Example Sentences

I had learnt the song. – I’d learnt the song.
ɑe hæd lɜːnt ðə sɔŋ – ɑe(ə)d lɜːn[t]‿ðə sɔŋ

You had left. – You’d left.
jʉː hæd left – jʉː(ə)d left

He had stayed. – He’d stayed.
hiː hæd stæɪd – hiː(ə)d stæɪd

She had figured it out. – She’d figured it out.
ʃiː hæd ˈfɪgəd ɪt æɔt – ʃiː(ə)d ˈfɪgəɽ‿ɪɽ‿æɔt

We had woken up. – We’d woken up.
wiː hæd ˈwəʉkən ɐp – wiː(ə)d ˈwəʉkən‿ɐp

They had gone out. – They’d gone out.
ðæɪ hæd gɔn æɔt – ðæɪ(ə)[d]‿gɔn‿æɔt

It had made no difference. – It’d made no difference.
ɪt hæd mæɪd nəʉ ˈdɪfrəns – ˈɪɽəd mæɪd nəʉ ˈdɪfrəns

John had walked off. – John’d walked off.
ʤɔn hæd woːkt ɔf – ʤɔn(ə)d woːkt‿ɔf

Jill had fallen asleep. – Jill’d fallen asleep.
ʤɪl hæd ˈfoːlən əˈsliːp – ʤɪl(ə)d ˈfoːlən‿əˈsliːp

This had better be good. – This’d better be good.
ðɪs hæd ˈbetə biː gʊd – ðɪs(ə)d ˈbeɽə biː gʊd

Those had been broken. – Those’d been broken.
ðəʉz hæd biːn ˈbrəʉkən – ðəʉz(ə)[d] biːn ˈbrəʉkən

Everybody had had enough. – Everybody’d had enough.
ˈevrɪbɔdi hæd hæd ɪˈnɐf – ˈevrɪbɔdid hæɽ‿ɪˈnɐf

The tent had collapsed. – The tent’d collapsed.
ðə tent hæd kəˈlæpst – ðə ˈten(ə)[d]‿kəˈlæpst

A fire had burnt out. – A fire’d burnt out.
ə ˈfɑeə hæd bɜːnt æɔt – ə ˈfɑe(ə)d bɜːn[t]‿æɔ[t]

So, you’re going to notice there that sometimes I say the /ed/ sound, sometimes that sounds natural. Other times, I feel like it’s not natural. So, this is going to be to do with the sounds before that /ed/ or /d/ sound. Some of them will be incompatible or could be incompatible with either of those sounds.

So, just copy me as I pronounce them and eventually you will get a feeling for when and when not to do this.

Let’s go through some questions with HAD. (Next video)