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Contracting: HAD BETTER

Peter Smissen January 21, 2019
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Okay, so this is just a short video to talk about HAD BETTER.

So, HAD is also used in the modal form HAD BETTER, which is used for actions we think people should do or which are desirable in a specific situation. Okay? Let’s go!

I had better change. – I’d better change.
ɑe hæ[d]ˈbeɽə ʧæɪnʤ – ɑe[d]ˈbeɽə ʧæɪnʤ

You had better leave. – You’d better leave.
jʉː hæ[d]ˈbeɽə liːv – jʉː[d]ˈbeɽə liːv

He had better stop. – He’d better stop.
hiː hæ[d]ˈbeɽə stɔp – hiː[d]ˈbeɽə stɔp

She had better learn. – She’d better learn.
ʃiː hæ[d]ˈbeɽə lɜːn – ʃiː[d]ˈbeɽə lɜːn

We had better start. – We’d better start.
wiː hæ[d]ˈbeɽə stɐːt – wiː[d]ˈbeɽə stɐːt

They had better continue. – They’d better continue.
ðæɪ hæ[d]ˈbeɽə kənˈtɪnjʉː – ðæɪ[d]ˈbeɽə kənˈtɪnjʉː

It had better stop. – It’d better stop.
ɪt hæ[d]ˈbeɽə stɔp – ˈɪɽə[d]ˈbeɽə stɔp