Contracting: AM, ARE, & IS + NOT – Example Sentences

Contracting: AM, ARE, & IS + NOT – Example Sentences

Let’s practice some sentences and I’ll try to mute the T in these. Okay? So, have a listen.

I am not coming – I’m not coming – I amn’t coming
ɑe æm nɔ[t] ˈkɐmɪŋ – ɑem nɔ[t] ˈkɐmɪŋ – ɑe æmnt ˈkɐmɪŋ

You are not here – You’re not here – You aren’t here
jʉː ɐː nɔ[t] hɪə – joː nɔɽ‿(h)ɪə – jʉː ɐːn[t]‿(h)ɪə

He is not involved – He’s not involved – He isn’t involved
hiː ɪz nɔ[t] ɪnˈvɔlvd – hiːz nɔ[t]‿ɪnˈvɔlvd – hiː‿ˈɪzn[t]‿ɪnˈvɔlvd

She is not helping – She’s not helping – She isn’t helping
ʃiː ɪz nɔ[t] ˈhelpɪŋ – ʃiːz nɔɽ‿ˈ(h)elpɪŋ – ʃiː‿ˈɪzn[t]‿ˈ(h)elpɪŋ

We are not going – We’re not going – We aren’t going
wiː ɐː nɔ[t] ˈgəʉɪŋ – weː nɔ[t] ˈgəʉɪŋ – wiː‿ɐːn[t] ˈgəʉɪŋ

They are not there – they’re not there – they aren’t there
ðæɪ ɐː nɔ[t] ðeː – ðeː nɔ[t]‿ðeː – ðæɪ‿ɐːn[t]‿ðeː

It is not sunny – it’s not sunny – it isn’t sunny
ɪt ɪz nɔ[t] ˈsɐni – ɪts nɔ[t] ˈsɐni – ɪɽ‿ˈɪzn[t] ˈsɐni

Remember, you can pronounce the T. It’s not: it isn’t sunny – ɪɽ‿ˈɪznt ˈsɐni, it’s not sunny – ɪts nɔt ˈsɐni. But quite often, plosives like that get muted and you won’t hear them.