AE 529 – Vocab & Expression Breakdown Video

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So, man, introduce yourself. How did you end up here today?

Alright, Pete, here we go! Long story short, essentially my first, end of my first year of university I met some Brazilians one was doing homestay at my mate’s place. Pretty funny because I’m now better mates with the Brazilian than I am with my Aussie childhood friend, whatever. Met him, he told me there’d be a bunch of Brazilians living on my street. Met them, fell in love with the culture straightway, the musicality, the fun, the good vibe. One thing led to another. Initially, it was just a bit of a muck around in summer and suddenly decided I want to learn the language. After a year, (I) got pretty decent, made some videos that went viral and then finished university spent a year in Brazil, absolutely loved it, and then I sort of dropped off for a bit, focused on other things, but it was always going to parties and everything and then I met Simon, who was just a bit younger and was getting into it himself and he said, he lived with me for a month and he said ”let’s do it!”. So, at the moment, we’re on a Christmas hiatus just sort of wondering what our plans are for the next year. We joined forces to make videos and yeah, we went on SBS radio, we did a lot of things together and we just love Brazilian culture.

Vocabulary & Expression:

Long story short – to summarise a long story in its main parts by skipping over unnecessary details.

A homestay (at someone’s place) – a holiday or other period abroad spent staying in the home of a local family.

A childhood friend – a friend that a person had when both of them were children.

Fall in love with something – to become completely enamoured of something.

A good vibe – a good feeling (about something)

One thing led to another – used to suggest that the exact sequence of events is too obvious to need recounting.

A bit of a muck around – something that is done in a silly or aimless way, not seriously.

To get decent (at something) – to become skilful (at something)

To go viral – (of a picture, joke, video, etc. on the internet) to be shared a lot online.

A (Christmas) hiatus – a pause or break in continuity in a sequence or activity.

To join forces (with someone) – combine efforts; join up to work together.