8. Speaking Exercise

Topic Progress:

Raquel: I think it’s time we invested in a better clothesline.

Pete: Yeah, I reckon. Our one in the back yard is falling to pieces. Shall we swing by Bunnings today and see if they can sort us out?

Raquel: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. They shouldn’t be too exy, should they?

Pete: No idea… one way to find out. Alright, you want to go now? I’ll just grab my keys and shoes.

Pete and Kel drive to the nearby Bunnings Warehouse store, a huge chain of stores that sells household hardware.

They park their car near the entrance, hop out, and enter the store.

Raquel: Far out! This place is huge. I think we might end up leaving with more than a clothesline.

Pete: Keep your eyes on the prize. We came here for the clothesline, don’t get distracted.

Raquel: Okay. Where do you think we’ll find it?

Pete: Dunno. Let’s ask this guy. Excuse me, mate. Whereabouts can we find clotheslines here?

Employee: Hey, how’s it going? Yeah, follow me. You’ll find them on the righthand side of isle 35, towards the end. You can’t miss them, but I’ll show you just in case.

Pete: Awesome, thanks a lot, mate.

Employee: Okay, here they are. Were you after anything specific?

Raquel: We have an old Hills Hoist in the back yard, but it’s taking up too much space and the gears have rusted so much that they no longer work.

Employee: Ah, righto. Well, fortunately, the latest Hills Hoist models are made of more durable parts that won’t rust, so they should hold up better and for longer.

Pete: What do you reckon, Kel? Do you want to replace like for like?

Raquel: Mmm… What other options have you got?

Employee: So, alongside your traditional Hills Hoist you’ve also got your standard clothesline that gets mounted on the wall and sort of extents out, but obviously, it doesn’t rotate.

Raquel: Yeah, I think we might change it up and go with the wall-mounted version.

Pete: Alright. Well, if you’re happy, I’m happy.

Raquel: Sweet, let’s grab that one.

Employee: Too easy. I’ll bring it down to the check out for you and the guys at the check-outs will sort you out.

Pete and Kel walk down to the front of the store to the checkouts as they’re followed by the employee carting the cumbersome clothesline box on a trolley.

Check out employee: Hey, guys. How’s it going? Just this today?

Pete: Yep. That’s it.

Check out employee: No worries. That’ll be $109.00. Cash or card?

Raquel: We’ll pay by card. Is Pay-Pass okay?

Check out employee: Yep, sure is. Just place your card here when you’re ready. Did you want a receipt with that?

Pete: Yeah, that’d be great. Thanks a lot.

Check out employee: All good. Here you go. Have a great day!

Raquel: Thanks! See ya!