7. Speaking Exercise

Topic Progress:

Peter: Hi. How’s it going? I’m here for my 10AM dental appointment.

Receptionist: No worries. Can I have a name?

Peter: Yeah, it’s Peter Smissen. My surname is spelt S-M-I-S-S-E-N.

Receptionist: Alright, just take a seat and the dentist will be with you shortly.

Peter: Thanks.

Peter walks over to the waiting room and takes a seat whilst he observes the numerous creepy before and after patient photos on the wall of people smiling.

10 minutes later, the dentist opens his door and calls Peter in.

Dentist Will: Peter?

Peter: Yep, that’s me.

Dentist: Come on in and take a seat up on the chair here. So, how are your teeth feeling? Have you been feeling any pain anywhere that you’d like me to take a look at?

Peter: Yeah, mostly fine. However, recently, I’ve been feeling a dull ache in one of my molars on the lower right-hand side of my jaw. Not sure what the issue is.

Dentist: Okay, let’s take a look. Lie back and relax for me. Good. And now can you open up and say “Ahhhh”.

Peter: I’ll do my best. “Ahhh”.

Dentist: Hmmm, looks like you’ve got a small cavity in the crown of that molar. Has it been sensitive to hot and cold food or drink?

Peter: Yeah, my hot morning coffee has been killing me recently, actually. It’s been really frustrating as I’m a total coffee addict. I guess the cavity is exposing the nerve in that tooth or something, right?

Dentist: Indeed. So, you might say it’s been “getting on your nerves”, huh?

Peter: I see what you did there. Very clever.

Dentist: Alright, let’s fill it in so you can get back to enjoying your morning coffee pain free. I’m going to give you a small injection to numb the pain before I start, though, okay?

Peter: Ahh, needles kind of freak me out a bit. Are you sure it’s necessary?

Dentist: Trust me. If it’s that sensitive to hot and cold, the drill is going to hurt even more without anaesthetic.

Peter: Alright. Well, I’m more of a wuss when it comes to pain. So, the needle it is I guess. Have at it, mate.

The dentist gives Pete a few minor injections to numb his jaw. He drills away and fills up the cavity and then finishes up.

Dentist: Alright, Good job. That’s all she wrote! All done. Hopefully, all that drilling didn’t “hit a nerve”.

Pete: Another joke! You’ve got ‘some nerve’, haven’t you? They teach you these at dental school, do they?

Dentist: Yeah, that’s it! So, just remember to floss regularly, try to stay away from any sugary foods, and use an extra-soft toothbrush to keep your teeth plaque free and gums disease free, okay?

Pete: No worries. Do I just pay for that on my way out? And it’s not extra for the bad dental jokes, is it?

Dentist: Yeah, just pay at reception. Don’t worry. The jokes are on the house, okay? See you later.

Pete: Thanks. See you.