6. Speaking Challenge

Topic Progress:

Listen to the audio and repeat the sentences after me to practice your pronunciation!

Pete calls up a tour guide on Phillip Island to organise a boat trip around Seal Rocks.

Tour guide: Hello. James here from Seal Tours Australia. How can I help you?

Pete: Yeah, g’day, James. My name’s Pete. I’m wanting to book a boat tour to Seal Rock.

Tour guide: Hey Pete. No worries at all. How many people did you want to book for the tour and which date?

Pete: It’s just be my wife and I, so two, thanks. And we’re staying on Phillip Island from the 8th til the 10th of March. We can do any day.

Tour guide: Alrighty. So, just two people on the tour. Just let me check availabilities for those dates. Okay, looks like there’s space on either the 8th or the 9th of March. Did you have a preference for either of those days?

Pete: The 9th would be perfect, actually, as it’ll allow us to arrive on the 8th and get settled in first. Can you tell me how much that’ll be and how can I pay?

Tour guide: Ah, let me see. It’ll be $150 bucks a pop, and you’ll just need to pay on the day before the tour leaves. So, cash or card will be fine.

Pete: Brilliant. And what time should we show up and how long’s the trip?

Tour guide: So, the boat leaves at 8am, so I’d say be there before then, obviously. And each trip usually lasts 2 hours, so you should be back by around 10am.

Pete: Awesome. And before I let you go, what do we need to bring on the day?

Tour guide: Basically, you’ll just need some wet weather clothing that will keep you warm whilst you’re on the water, bring your camera or binoculars so you can get a closer view of the action, and lifejackets and lunch will be provided.

Pete: Oh, also, my wife suffers from sea sickness, so do you know what the weather’s going to be like on the day regarding the swell?

Tour guide: Look, it should be a pretty calm day by the looks of the weather forecast. Although, get her to take some seasickness tablets before the trip in case conditions change.

Pete: No worries. And I take it you can just get those from any store on the island?

Tour guide: Yeah, just hit up the local Woolies or Coles. It’s just down the road from where the boat leaves. They should have plenty of them in stock.

Pete: Alright, will do. Thanks so much for your help, James. Looking forward to the trip!

Tour guide: No worries, Pete. See you on the day! All the best.

Pete: Cheers. See ya.