4. Speaking Challenge

Topic Progress:

Listen to the audio and repeat the sentences after me to practice your pronunciation!

Robby: Yeah, g’day Bill, what’s going on?

Bill: Yeah, not much, Robby. Yourself?

Robby: Same, same. (I’m) just calling to touch base with you regarding this weekend’s get together. It’s at your place, right?

Bill: Yeah, that’s it, mate. The house warming’s at our new place, which is at 15 Lagoon Drive in Ocean Grove.

Robby: Ah, sweet. Did you want us to bring anything? Nibblies or drinks or something?

Bill: Yeah, actually, it’d be great if you could bring a slab of beer with you as we’re running low on booze.

Robby: Awesome, no dramas. Any brand in particular or will whatever work?

Bill: Whatever will work, mate. Beggars can’t be choosers.

Robby: Alright, too easy. Oh, and can you just remind me, what time is it kicking off?

Bill: If I remember correctly, the invitations said arrive by 12PM, so lunch time. And we’ll probably wrap things up around 4 or 5 as the wife and I are going to have an early one.

Robby: Oh yeah? What’s on for the following day?

Bill: Well, there’s a memorial for the Bombing of Darwin that my family’s going to. Grandad was there back in 1942. So, we’re going to join him for that.

Robby: Oh shit! No kidding? Well, (I) hope it’s a good day and we’ll see you at the house warming.

Bill: No worries. See you then.

Robby: See ya.