3. Speaking Challenge

Topic Progress:

Listen to the audio and repeat the sentences after me to practice your pronunciation!

Alf and Richard have just arrived by boat to Fraser Island where they have planned a weekend of camping and four-wheel-driving on this Queensland Island.

Alf: There she is, mate. Fraser Island!

Richard: You little beauty! I’ve been looking forward to this camping trip for months!

Alf: Alright, the boat’s just letting people drive off now. Jump in the four-wheel-drive and let’s get into it, Rich!

Richard: Righto, Alf. Let’s go!

Alf and Richard get into the four-wheel-drive and start driving down the beach south to where they’ll be camping for the night.

Alf: Far out, what a beautiful spot. I’ve wanted to come here since I was a kid.

Richard: No kidding? I hadn’t even heard of the place until you’d mentioned it to me. I guess I’ve been living under a rock this whole time.

Alf: Yeah, it’s a beautiful island. 123 kms from north to south, pristine beaches, picturesque freshwater sand dune lakes, shipwrecks, rainforests, and, man, the wildlife! Did I tell you about the wildlife? What else could you ask for?

Richard: Wow, all that on one little island? You sure the weekend’s going to be enough to do it all?

Alf: Yeah, well, I don’t know about “all” of it, but we’ll definitely see the best bits. Four-wheel-driving through the dunes and swimming in the freshwater lakes and streams, that’s going to knock your socks off.

Richard: Awesome. I’m pumped and looking forward to it.

Alf: And here we are. This is the spot where we’ll be camping tonight. Let’s set the tent up and cook some tea.

Richard: Yeah, sounds good. I’m starving.

Alf hops out of the car and pulls the tent out of the back of the four-wheel-drive. Richard clears the camp site of sticks and rocks before they set the tent up.

Alf: Alright, so shall we set her up here, you reckon?

Richard: Looks like the spot. Hand me the pegs and poles, while you’re unfolding the tent.

Richard: Ah… Alf… There’s a bloody dingo behind you. He just walked out of the bushes.

Alf: Don’t worry, mate. We didn’t bring any babies. She’ll be right.

Richard: Ah, yeah. “That dingo stole my baby!”. Very funny…

Alf: Bugger me. The sneaky thing didn’t come for any baby. He’s flogged the pegs and nicked off!

Alf: Come back here, ya flamin’ mongrel!