19. Speaking Exercise

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Pete’s out and about in Geelong today doing some early Christmas present shopping when he bumps into his old mate Daniel.

Pete: Dan! Is that you, mate? Far out! It’s been yonks since I’ve seen you. How’ve you been?

Daniel: Oh, Pete! How’s it going? Yeah, things are going well. Chugging along. It’s been donkeys years, though. You’re right!

Pete: I think the last time I saw you was 5 years back near St Kilda in Melbourne. I think you were getting ready to go sailing if I remember correctly.

Daniel: No kidding. Yeah, I think you’re right. I was training for that year’s Sydney to Hobart Race in the lead up to it before Christmas.

Pete: Wow! How’d the race go? Did you end up winning?

Daniel: Nah, didn’t have a hope in hell. All the big maxi yachts end up crossing the finish line and getting the line honours victory, and our boat’s just not up to scratch in terms of winning the Tattersall’s Cup Handicap.

Pete: Ah, well. Still must’ve been a bit of a blast, right? Sailing all the way from Sydney in New South Wales, down the coast, across Bass Strait and up the River Derwent in Tassy, right?

Daniel: Yeah, nah… To be perfectly honest, it was a pretty horrible experience. I was seasick the entire time and spent most of the 3 days hurling my guts up over the port or starboard side of the boat.

Pete: Fair dinkum?! Just had to feed the fish, did you?

Daniel: Too right. Every fish from Sydney to Hobart had a full belly by the time the race was over.

Pete: Well, on that note, feel like grabbing a coffee and a bite to eat? Would be great to catch up.

Daniel: Oh, mate, I’d love to, but I’m actually in a bit of a rush. I’ve got to get home and help the missus. She’s trying to decorate the loungeroom.

Pete: Oh yeah? With what?

Daniel: Actually, sailing gear, funnily enough.

Pete: So, that’s how much you hated the experience? Took the boat apart to decorate your house?

Daniel: Yeah, something like that. Nah, it’s just some old bits and pieces we found for sale on Gumtree. I think she got a good deal on some rigging, you know, ropes and pullies, as well as a small sail, and a vintage style anchor.

Pete: Nice. Well, let me know if you’re up for something another time then.

Daniel: Yeah, what if I call you later this week and we go see that new Crocodile Dundee film? It’s meant to be all the rage, and I was thinking of checking it out.

Pete: Oh, I saw the trailer for that the other day. Yeah, Count me in.

Daniel: Sweet. I’ll give you a bell on maybe Saturday morning, and we can go catch this flick at the cinemas and we can go to a pub and sink a few beers afterwards. What do you reckon?

Pete: Sounds like a plan, Dan!

Daniel: Alright! Well, great seeing you, Pete! It’s definitely been too long. I’ll see you on Saturday.

Pete: Too easy. Looking forward to Saturday, mate. I’ll catch you then!